Monthly Archives: September 2005

usermeta, userextra

Y’know, it really has been a long while since I’ve started to program anything from scratch, i.e. a new open source project. However, I’m pleased to say I’ve written a couple of WordPress plug-ins, albeit in PHP which makes me want to throw up.

You can check them out over at Usermeta which adds an API so that arbitrary meta data can be associated to users (a feature they’ve added to 1.6 and I’ve effectively back-ported), and Userextra which extends user profiles to include admin-defined attributes, and provides for category access controls with user-level granularity.

I’m particularly pleased with this as it will allow me to construct a community site for my local development based on WordPress (which is fantastic) and allow each set of residents to be given a private category in which to talk. This all started when I went to the 4th Annual Garden Party at the end of August and met the members of our resident’s association. You could see their eyes light up when they heard I was in web-based IT… 🙂 So anyway, they invite me out for a chinese and one thing leads to another and I’m writing plug-ins…