OpenBSD Source Changes

OpenBSD weekly/daily changes list

The developers of OpenBSD provide a mailing list called source-changes which is an automatic CVS mailout facility. This is an extremely useful service but unfortunately I found it extremely difficult to keep up with it – time is money, as they say.

Hence the purpose of owc (OpenBSD weekly changes) and odc (OpenBSD daily changes) – all the OpenBSD source-changes emails are collated together and summary emails are sent once a week or day. There are four emails sent, one each for srcportsX11 and www.

The list is run using mailman, so you can either subscribe by clicking below:

  • owc – OpenBSD weekly changes
  • odc – OpenBSD daily changes

or alternatively you can send an email to / with the word subscribe in the body.

Note that no warranty is given as to the accuracy of the information distributed using this facility, that it will be delivered promptly each day/week or that it might not completely break!

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