[gen] Comments on the Saved States

James Ponder james at squish.net
Tue Aug 7 22:31:13 BST 2001

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 09:12:26PM +0100, Richard Bannister wrote:
>  1) I'm not using Neil Bradley's MZ80. There are a different suite of things
> I need to save from AsgardZ80 - and - you guessed it - they don't fit into
> the same space set as MZ80. I need 40 bytes for the context information. The
> only way I can see this working is if I have incompatible states on the Mac
> to other platforms - which I am prepared to do if all else fails, but I'd
> prefer to avoid if possible. Any suggestions?

What does it store beyond that which is in the save state file?  Everything
in the file at the moment looks like all z80 emulators should need the
things stored...

>  2) I've always had the option to save states to any requested filename,
> rather than a slot system. (In fact, I generally provide both systems). This
> is not a difficult problem and I will make my own modifications here.

Umm, yes - I went for a slot system because it meant I didn't have to
write a directory browser :-)  Perhaps state.c can be altered to provide
for both situations. I'm sure I'll get around to a directory browser at
some point.

Even if we can't find common ground for both the z80 emulators, it would
be nicer if the save state can be such that if you load the file on the
other z80 emulator then the information is just discarded, which should
mean that things work at least a percentage of the time.

Best wishes, James
James Ponder; www.squish.net; London, UK

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