[gen] Generator 0.31

Domenico Dato dato at Di.Unipi.IT
Thu Aug 9 00:31:34 BST 2001

> On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 08:35:02AM +0200, Domenico Dato wrote:
> > Can you please add a link at www.pocketemulator.com to
> > the ports page for the WindowsCE platform ?
> Cor - that's excellent - how fast does it go?  (I'm expecting "not very"
> as the answer!)

I've made some little modifications to the code in order to get
better performances and removed sound code (it slows down
things too much and is not in sync) and this was enough to
obtain a very good speed. On my iPAQ i'm now able to play many
games at full speed. 

I'm now trying to add a faster sound emulation code: Larry Bank 
(author of Hive) sent me a Yamaha emulation source code that should be
a lot faster than the MAME one.

> There are three buttons on the console, but you only have controls for
> A, A+B and B?  How come?

This is a mistake in the page: the C button is mapped also (on a
phisical button but not on the screen).

> Have you announced this to the emulation news pages?  I'm sure people would
> be interested.

Sure, there were a lot of sites talking about the CE version of
Generator. You can read user comments here:


and here:


You will find comments on it also from Jason Dunn, which
is a Microsoft MVP for the WindowsCE :


There was an article talking about Generator for CE also on
PocketPC magazine, which is one of the most important magazines
dedicated to the CE platform.

> You should get a camera and photo it on your ipaq/cassethingie so people
> can see it really exists... :)

Sure, i should do it. Anyway pictures on pocketemulator.com were
directly captured on my iPAQ device.

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