[gen] Idea

atani atani at atani-software.net
Tue Aug 14 20:59:28 BST 2001

On Tuesday 14 August 2001 15:30, you wrote:
> On 14/8/01 8:21 pm, James Ponder at james at squish.net spake thus:
> > Hmm... that's a really good idea, I hadn't thought of that...
> >
> > What sort of person would want to use that rather than fix it on either
> > plotters? (do they have a good machine, or a bad one?)
> Someone with a setup that can run at 30fps with the Accurate renderer, but
> 60fps with the Faster one...

My system should be able to meet these requirements for the linux/win32 
versions if you code it to work there i will try it out and report results..


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