[gen] z80 sound problems

Richard Bannister titan at indigo.ie
Sun Aug 19 07:54:35 BST 2001

On 18/8/01 9:45 pm, James Ponder at james at squish.net spake thus:

> Oh yeah - I thought the Mac version had save state in there already, yet
> some comments on that web sites you pointed me at seemed to be saying that
> it didn't have save state before - did you never use your save state code?

I never had it working satisfactorily, so I only implemented yours.

> Did the save state work ok on big endian machines?  I haven't got one to
> check, but I did try to make it compatible.

It does, although the sound gets killed sometimes...

> The new mame ym2612 code supports proper save state, so I will need to
> change the save state format soon.  The new code breaks some games though
> so I will need to look at it before I swap it in for good.

Fair enough.

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