[gen] 0.32 released

James Ponder james at squish.net
Sun Aug 19 12:38:42 BST 2001

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 07:09:15PM -0400, atani wrote:
> As proof of concept, i am writting up a uip-sdl.c thingy... it will be 
> identical in most aspects to the allegro and or svgalib ui implementations..
> This will also unify the windows port and unix a bit more :) 
> Also I am thinking putting in a gui to the SDL one via ParaGUI which is a gui 
> toolkit based on SDL.  http://www.paragui.org/ (or: 
> http://www.bms-austria.com).

Sounds great - I'll probably try and use SDL when I do a gtk version of
Generator for X (I'm fed up of the tcl/tk version) - so it would be very
useful to see how you've used SDL in a Windows or console version.  I would
only be using it for a simple square in a window to emulate to, using ParaGUI
looks kinda fun - sortof like ui-console version but much more advanced,
I'd never thought someone might have written this sort of thing into a widget
set.  I wonder if paragui could be convinced to use something that isn't
SDL - like svgalib of allegro :-)  If so, I could perhaps back-port your
paragui GUI to these versions...

Best wishes, James
James Ponder; www.squish.net; London, UK

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