[gen] 0.32 released

atani atani at atani-software.net
Sun Aug 19 12:58:12 BST 2001

> into a widget set.  I wonder if paragui could be convinced to use something
> that isn't SDL - like svgalib of allegro :-)  If so, I could perhaps
> back-port your paragui GUI to these versions...

I know there has been some talks about this in the past, to port it from SDL 
to generic.... I was also thinking of using this in my DCGen port but i have 
run into a snag with the cpu core... I am working on it though...  Nearly got 
it working.... 

Since .32 now uses RAZE ASM core for the Z80, what is a good C core? I am 
thinking of trying out the one from Final Burn, DOZE, It is entirely in C and 
should have all the features we need... check it out: 
http://www.finalburn.com/ Look under "source code" .. finalburn is a CPS2 emu 
from the guy who wrote DGen..


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