[gen] 0.32 released

atani atani at atani-software.net
Sun Aug 19 15:08:47 BST 2001

> Really?  Why does he not give his name anywhere on this entire project -
> and what happened to his DGen home page?

Well, there was a large amount of controversy with FinalBurn... Check out the 
last about 6 or 8 months of logs for say VGN or EMUHQ and you will see lots 
of posts about FB and the related controversy.... Most of it was dealing with 
that Dave released the first CPS2 emu and was not releasing updates often 
enough for the warez-kiddies and the like... Note i think dave is still 
really awesome and all :) 

DGen is more or less dead unfortunately :( After he started on FinalBurn 
DGen's website disappeared entirely in favor of the FinalBurn website.. And 
now DGen is gone entirely... 

Luckily though, Dave released the source code to the final version of 
FinalBurn to the public... this took about 4 or more months to convince him 
that this was a good idea....  There were lots of hacks of FinalBurn 
available on the net that added new games and also new features etc... Dave 
didnt like this so he finally conceeded and released the source...  A great 
move for him and his awesome emulator...


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