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From: john.croft at stud.man.ac.uk
Date: 4 Dec 2001 01:02:09 -0000
To: richard at bannister.org
Subject: Generator and Shining Force I

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 Name: John Croft
 Message: Dear Richard,

I have searched the FAQ and my question doesn't seem to be answered there,
so I hope you can help me out. I've been enjoying playing Shining Force I
(an old favourite that I used to play with my housemates on our Sega) using
your Generator emulator under Mac OS X. However, often, when a character in
the game asks a question that requires a Yes/No anwser, it either gives no
response (prints "0" instead of the answer) or quits unexpectedly. In some
cases I can continue with the game, but there is a point in Level 5 which
requires one to give an answer in order to continue with the game -- but it
quits every time (whether I answer Yes or No), so I can't get beyond this
point in the game. My housemate transferred the game to an smd file and runs
it without this problem using DGen for Mac OS (Classic) -- but since I have
got this far I would like to avoid going back to Level 1 on DGen to solve
the problem. This is a great nostalgia trip for me, so I'd love to carry on
-- do you know of a solution?

Many thanks

John Croft

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