[gen] Anyone object...?

ATani atani at atani-software.net
Wed Jan 3 16:19:49 GMT 2001

> Congrats for the mention in whatever magazine it was I was shown this
> month (GAME?) for your DC version of Generator.

That was EDGE magazine.  And i have most of it working now.  I hope to have
a release ready in the next coming week or so.  I am having some problems
with a pre-built cross compiler for the SH4 CPU.  So i am building my own
GCC now from the sources... and that isnt liking me either right now...  But
i will fix this up and get it ready soon :)

> Just got back from Hawaii - sorry for lack of replies to emails.

Wow.. must have been a fun trip :) Hope you enjoyed the change in scenery :)


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