[gen] FW: Generator v.33 & 34 (AAARRGHH! What hapened?!)

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 Name: Donald Lugo
 Message: This e-mail is actualy a bug report. on V .32 Megaman the wily
wars played fine on my 233 iMac. A little bit slowly but ok. on v .33 i
played and moving up or down screens, no problem. Moving left and right its
another story! The plane scrambled out! mega kept moving until a sirtin
point and then got stuck between a buch of....well, stuff!. V . 34 came out!
YEY!!! The speed, the music. even the acurate renderer were MUCH faster on
my iMac. The most ipresive side was the almost perfect sound! But again the
screen crumbled about 2 seconds after starting to scroll X plain (Left and
right). I cant really say much more. MM wily wars has a legacy for being the
hardest game to emulate. Saving it is a total enigma, but never the less
this is THE game i most enjoyed. Even when it was slow,but now im facing a
crisis!! I CAN'T PLAY ANYMORE!! i could cry! again the speed and music were
incredibly better. The only thing is that little bug. i just wanna ask if
you could fix this...plz!?!?!?  This game has a way to get  into my vains!
Specialy the song on the wily stage on megaman 2. I KNOW there have to be
other players that Love this game. so plz, For the sake of all megaman fans
out there I beg you, Can you fix this??

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