[gen] Re: Z80 core...

Mathias Roslund amidog at amidog.com
Sat Nov 3 19:24:57 GMT 2001


> For the DC I am running into problems with the z80 core as well... The
> problems seem to be when accessing the members of a "union" via the "full"
> attribute.. ie: the DE register as a word... the DC throws an exception...
> So i am going to try and code around this by not using unions... More on
> this in a few days...

Which kind of exception? Alignment? Illegal access? Ok, I know nothing about
DC coding, but I'm used to weird problems after porting plenty of emulators
to the Amiga.

Maybe you should try to add __attribute((packed)) or something to the

BTW. Which compiler are you using?

Best regards,

Mathias Roslund

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