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atani atani at atani-software.net
Tue Nov 6 08:14:38 GMT 2001

	It seems that Richard and I are not the only ones who cant release code, or 
do not want to at this time... I strongly urge you to consider changing the 
licnesing to something that does allow us to "not release the code" unless we 
choose to.. 

If you do consider changing the licensing, one piece that will need to be 
considered is any code which was borrowed from MAME will still need to be 
released, based on The Gypsy's comments on boob.co.uk... His comments are 
based on what he claims are the MAME source license... Which is quite similar 
to GPL in his opinion...

Please consider helping your ports...

At this point in time, i am so fed up with the jerks out there over the port 
to the dreamcast i am ready to just suck "F#$% off you jerks, the port is 
canceled" ... I am waiting to hear what you have to say before i post that 
news...   The dreamcast port has gone over quite successfully even with the 
bugs that are in there... Its just there are a number of jerks who either 
want to undermine You, James, or myself and release a bunch of knock off 
clones of Generator for the DC with different names and not give you any 
credit... Or they really do want to help and if that is the case they would 
have taken a different approach... They would have kept it in email and not 
forced me to put up the post which i did on my site about the source...


On Tuesday 06 November 2001 12:54 am, you wrote:
> > As it stands right now, Generator/MacOS sits on top of a common block of
> > code, which I have termed BlitterLib.  The name of this library is a
> > misnomer - it in fact covers everything needed for a Macintosh port of an
> > emulator. It contains quite a lot of code, which is about 95% by me,
> > though not entirely. It is used by all of my ports besides DGen and vMac,
> > both of which are open source.
> Same is here for the WinCE port. PocketGenesis is developed on
> a library of functions which implement overclocking, double
> buffering, direct screen access and other proprietary technics.
> Moreover the video user interface has been written completely
> from scratch and the blit functions uses arm assembler routines
> for fast access to the video hardware.
> I'm fairly sure that no playable port of Generator to WinCE is
> possible without using all these programming "tricks".
> While i'm not interested in keeping these things necessarily
> secret, since coding emulators for CE is just an hobby for me,
> this is not true for Jimmysoftware, who helped me providing
> source code and suggestions for implementing various "tricks":
> Jimmysoftware uses this code to make commercial products. So i
> cannot disclose this information.
> Anyway James, i remember i wrote you this before starting the
> port.
> Please consider that i completely support open source generally:
> i released source of my Commodore64 port to Unix (ComeBack64), of
> Laser (Space Invaders emu), of Emulapple (Apple ][+ emu) and many
> others.
> This is a more particular case and i'm forced to keep the
> library secret.
> Ciao,
>  Domenico

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