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Richard Bannister richard at bannister.org
Tue Nov 6 15:04:00 GMT 2001

On 6/11/01 5:14 pm, atani at atani at atani-software.net spake thus:

> If you do consider changing the licensing, one piece that will need to be
> considered is any code which was borrowed from MAME will still need to be
> released, based on The Gypsy's comments on boob.co.uk... His comments are
> based on what he claims are the MAME source license... Which is quite similar
> to GPL in his opinion...

I don't believe that to be the case. If you make a derivative of MAME then
you must be fully open source, but if you're borrowing bits it's at the
discretion of the individual authors. That was my take on it anyway...

FWIW, Generator being open source is a good thing. I would just be inclined
to go to something like the BSD license that does not force ports to be open
sourced. Either that or come up with a license that states all changes to
the core must be returned to the original sources...


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