[gen] source

James Ponder james at squish.net
Tue Nov 6 23:22:41 GMT 2001

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 09:54:23AM +0100, Domenico Dato wrote:
> While i'm not interested in keeping these things necessarily
> secret, since coding emulators for CE is just an hobby for me,
> this is not true for Jimmysoftware, who helped me providing
> source code and suggestions for implementing various "tricks":
> Jimmysoftware uses this code to make commercial products. So i 
> cannot disclose this information.

This seems reasonable.  Could you release the source code minus those
parts that you do not feel comfortable releasing, with a short readme file
detailing what parts have been removed and what the reason is?

Infact, I think this might be a good way forward for everyone.  Release
what you can now, and then I'll review the situation - I would like to
resolve this situation as quickly and as happily as possible so that we can
move on.

Best wishes, James
James Ponder; www.squish.net; London, UK

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