[gen] Re: source

Domenico Dato dato at Di.Unipi.IT
Wed Nov 7 22:52:16 GMT 2001

> > Is that written in C? I would be very interested in a fast PSG and FM
> > emulation. As things are now, it's basically the slow FM that prevents the
> > Amiga port to be really useable... If it's written in C, and is quite fast,
> > could you maybe ask if I'm allowed to use it for the AmigaOS port of
> > Generator as well?
> Me too! :)
> The Mac OS port is getting faster thanks to my MP support, but if I could
> speed it up still further that would be neat.

Larry told me the code is superfast (he is well known as "Mister
performance" as anyone can see on his Hive emu) but i had no
time to test it until now (the code is not commented, so i need
to study it before using it in the emu).
You should ask permission directly to him at bitbank at pobox.com:
i would be happy if we could share the code and work together on
adding it to Generator.

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