[gen] Re: More ideas...

Mathias Roslund amidog at amidog.com
Thu Sep 27 20:49:31 BST 2001


>> I also think this would be nice. I'm using some Z80 core used by
>> Generator a long time ago...
> I switched to AsgardZ80 by Aaron Giles a while ago. Does this not work for
> you Mathias? It is PPC assembly.

If I remember right it's written for a compiler called "Code Warrior" or
similar. I just have access to GCC which do not like the kind of ASM used.

However, since OSX is based upon some BSD core, it might use .elf
objectfiles (like Linux) as well as System V ABI, and then I could easily
link with objectfiles compiled on a Mac. But I doubt this is the case...

Best regards,

Mathias Roslund

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