[gen] Anyone here ?

Atani atani at atani-software.net
Sun Feb 23 07:28:35 GMT 2003

On Sunday 23 February 2003 02:32 pm, Domenico Dato wrote:
> > Not many of us here anymore :(
> >
> > I do however have some small bits of news... Since I am not openly
> > working on any emulation related projects I have taken some bits of time
> > to make generator capable of running multiple 68000 cpus using the
> > existing code.
> In what sense ? Can you explain better ?

Well... I modified a few sections of code to be the starting point for the 
SegaCD interface within generator... This is one of those projects that would 
take quite some time to complete as I am not spending any amount of real time 
on it... I do however have the two cpus operational and just need to setup 
the memory mapping between them...

> What i would like to do is using a different 68000 emulation core for
> Generator in order to see if i can get more speed from the PocketPC
> port. Anyone here have experience on this and can give some hint ?

Sorry, no luck here...


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