[odc] Daily X11 changes for 2003-04-05

ODC auto at squish.net
Sun Apr 6 08:00:46 BST 2003

OpenBSD X11 changes summary for 2003-04-05

xc/config/cf                            xc/lib/Xft

== xc ================================================================ 01/01 ==



  ~ OpenBSDLib.tmpl                       

  > - the libXcursor problem was hiding a bigger problem: I forgot
  > to track changes in shared lib versions from X11.tmpl. Thanks to
  > espie@ for reminding it to me in the traditional french style.
  > - other synch with X11.tml include support for libexpat and
  > libFontconfig. (matthieu@)


  ~ Xft.man                               

  > fix man page name to make man -k a bit more useful (matthieu@)


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