[odc] Daily src changes for 2004-07-06

ODC auto at squish.net
Wed Jul 7 08:00:29 BST 2004

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2004-07-06

bin/kill                                distrib/luna88k
distrib/mvme68k                         distrib/mvme88k
distrib/notes                           distrib/sets
etc/Makefile                            etc/ntpd.conf
etc/rc                                  etc/rc.conf
etc/rc.local                            etc/rc.securelevel
gnu/usr.bin/binutils                    lib/libc
libexec/makewhatis                      sbin/newfs
share/man                               sys/arch/alpha/alpha
sys/arch/sparc/include                  sys/arch/sparc/sparc
sys/dev                                 sys/dev/ata
sys/dev/cardbus                         sys/dev/usb
sys/netinet                             usr.bin/audioctl
usr.bin/pkill                           usr.bin/ul
usr.sbin/mailwrapper                    usr.sbin/ntpd

== bin =============================================================== 01/11 ==



  ~ kill.1                                

  > - more consistent macros
  > - descriptions of examples before examples, and indent examples
  > - direct people to sigaction(2) for complete list of signals
  > - .Xr pkill 1
  > - simplify a list
  > from jared yanovich, and some bits from me; (jmc@)

== distrib =========================================================== 02/11 ==



  ~ ramdisk/list                          

  > Put dhclient on luna88k, mvme68k and mvme88k installation media.
  > Requested by nick@ some time ago, and it fits. (miod@)


  ~ ramdisk/list                          

  > Put dhclient on luna88k, mvme68k and mvme88k installation media.
  > Requested by nick@ some time ago, and it fits. (miod@)


  ~ ramdisk/list                          

  > Put dhclient on luna88k, mvme68k and mvme88k installation media.
  > Requested by nick@ some time ago, and it fits. (miod@)


  ~ mirrors                               

  > remove ftp7.usa.openbsd.org, they no longer have OpenBSD mirror
  > (sync with rev 1.277 of www/ftp.html) (david@)


  ~ lists/man/mi                          

  > sync (deraadt@)

  ~ lists/etc/mi                          

  > sync (deraadt@)

  ~ lists/base/md.hp300                   ~ lists/base/md.mac68k
  ~ lists/base/md.mvme68k                 ~ lists/comp/md.hp300
  ~ lists/comp/md.mac68k                  ~ lists/comp/md.mvme68k
  ~ lists/man/md.hp300                    ~ lists/man/md.mac68k
  ~ lists/man/md.mvme68k                  

  > binutils/gdb sets fixes. (miod@)

== etc =============================================================== 03/11 ==



  ~ Makefile                              

  > sample ntpd config file (henning@)


  + ntpd.conf                             

  > sample ntpd config file (henning@)


  ~ rc                                    

  > eh, actually add the startup code for ntpd (henning@)


  ~ rc.conf                               

  > remove startup code for that other ntpd from ports and use the one
  > in base instead. theo ok & rush to go for beer (henning@)


  ~ rc.local                              

  > remove startup code for that other ntpd from ports and use the one
  > in base instead. theo ok & rush to go for beer (henning@)


  ~ rc.securelevel                        

  > remove startup code for that other ntpd from ports and use the one
  > in base instead. theo ok & rush to go for beer (henning@)

  ~ rc.securelevel                        

  > bit too rushed :-) (deraadt@)

== gnu =============================================================== 04/11 ==



  ~ gdb/m68k-tdep.h                       

  > Unbreak m68k build.
  > ok miod@ (kettenis@)

== lib =============================================================== 05/11 ==



  ~ gen/ftw.c                             ~ gen/nftw.c

  > Set path in declaration to avoid an ugly cast in fts_open()
  > Set FTS_LOGICAL in flags if we didn't set FTS_PHYSICAL as required by
  > fts(3) (millert@)

== libexec =========================================================== 06/11 ==



  ~ makewhatis.8                          

  > the whatis.db database is also used by whatis(1), so note that;
  > add apropos(1) and whatis(1) to SEE ALSO; (jmc@)

== sbin ============================================================== 07/11 ==



  ~ mkfs.c                                

  > delint: offset arg to mmap is off_t and remove dead code
  > ok millert@ (otto@)

== share ============================================================= 08/11 ==



  ~ man4/ahd.4                            

  > remove .Pp and -compact in displays; (jmc@)

  ~ man8/dhcp.8                           

  > point pplz to rc.conf.local instead of rc.conf, from Bernd Ahlers
  > <ba at bsws.de  > jmc ok (henning@)

== sys =============================================================== 09/11 ==



  ~ dec_6600.c                            ~ fp_complete.c
  ~ interrupt.c                           ~ machdep.c

  > assert is dumb dumb dumb; no objection from miod (deraadt@)


  ~ exec.h                                

  > only pull in a.out stuff if COMPAT_SUNOS (deraadt@)


  ~ machdep.c                             

  > only pull in a.out stuff if COMPAT_SUNOS (deraadt@)


  ~ rnd.c                                 

  > use MALLOC/FREE for fixed size buffer allocations (mickey@)


  ~ wd.c                                  

  > Replace magic number with a more descriptive #define.  This magic number
  > was
  > particularly vile because it looks like a typo (i.e., looks like one "f" is
  > missing), but it's really not.  I happened to notice this myself, but the
  > fix
  > is inspired by NetBSD in the interest of keeping the code similar.
  > deraadt@ ok (aaron@)


  ~ cardbusdevs                           

  > add Planex and Corega Ethernet (brad@)

  ~ cardbusdevs.h                         ~ cardbusdevs_data.h

  > regen (brad@)


  ~ ehci.c                                

  > from netbsd, via loki at animata.nethci.c revision 1.56 sans some debugging
  > printfs that crept in. log message:
  > Failure to properly mask off UE_DIR_IN from the endpoint address was
  > causing OHCI_ED_FORMAT_ISO and EHCI_QH_HRECL to get set spuriously,
  > causing rather interesting lossage. (deraadt@)

  ~ ehci.c                                

  > from netbsd, via loki at animata.nethci.c revision 1.58 without some
  > printfs that are more related to the data toggle. log message:
  > Fix a stupid bug in ehci_check_intr() that caused use to try to complete
  > a transaction that was still running.  Now ehci can handle multiple devices
  > being active at once. (deraadt@)

  ~ ehci.c                                

  > sent in by loki at animata.nethis includes all the changes from netbsd
  > related to working with the data toggle, but also includes some endian
  > fixes. The major changes in the netbsd code were in revisions 1.55 and
  > 1.64. their log messages are:
  > 1.55:  Set the data toggle correctly, and use EHCI_QTD_DTC.  This fixes
  > problems with my ALi-based drive enclosure (it works now, rather than
  > failing to attach). Also seems to work with a GL811-based enclosure and
  > an ASUS enclosure with a CD-RW, on both Intel and NEC controllers.
  > Note: The ALi enclosure is currently very SLOW, due to some issue with
  > taking too long to notice that the QTD is complete.  This requires more
  > investigation.
  > 1.64: Further cleanup of toggle handling.  Now that we use EHCI_QH_DTC,
  > we don't need to fiddle with the TOGGLE bit in the overlay descriptor,
  > so minimize how much we fuss with it. (deraadt@)

  ~ ehci.c                                

  > from netbsd, via loki at animata.netevision 1.62. Log message:
  > Fix an error in a debug printf(). (deraadt@)


  ~ tcp_fsm.h                             

  > backout rev 1.3, it breaks simultaneous close (no FIN set for retransmits)
  > ok deraadt, henning, itojun (markus@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 10/11 ==



  ~ audioctl.c                            ~ audioctl.1

  > make -w optional to set options, so audioctl is consistent with
  > "new" sysctl/mixerctl
  > ok millert@, "go for it" deraadt@ (vincent@)


  ~ pkill.1                               

  > add pgrep to .Nm line to allow `apropos/whatis pgrep' to work; (jmc@)


  ~ ul.c                                  

  > various cleanup
  > - fix overruns in overstrike() and iattr()
  > - sort headers
  > - sync usage output
  > - some KNF
  > - use err()/warn() where applicable
  > ok millert@ otto@ (jaredy@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 11/11 ==



  ~ mailwrapper.c                         

  > Back out rev 1.2 as it doesn't make sense--since we exit on failure
  > there is no need to save the old value of the pointer we are
  > realloc()ing.  Based on a diff from Andrey Matveev. (millert@)


  ~ client.c                              

  > initialize the variables that track the offset array; ok henning@ (naddy@)

  ~ config.c                              

  > allow hostnames and resolve them in the config file (henning@)

  ~ client.c                              

  > log host packet was received from (originally using a long convoluted
  > function until henning showed me the light... log_sockaddr... nifty);
  > this diff is from henning and should be henning ok =) (jason@)

  ~ client.c                              

  > when we received a apcket with incorrect cookie log from whom as well
  > (henning@)

  ~ parse.y                               

  > sizeof(wrong struct) in calloc == bad. ^$&(#^$%&#*)! (henning@)

  ~ client.c                              ~ ntp.c
  ~ ntpd.h                                

  > Implement the clock filter as descirbed by David Mills:
  > form the last 8 replied received from a peer, find the one with the lowest
  > delay. Use that as the peer's update taken into account for calculating
  > the local clock's offset.
  > Invalidate that reply and all ones received earlier than it so that they do
  > not get used again. (henning@)


  ~ pkg_create                            

  > commit from the wrong tree. noticed by krw@ (espie@)


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