[odc] Daily src changes for 2004-03-05

ODC auto at squish.net
Sat Mar 6 07:00:26 GMT 2004

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2004-03-05

etc/etc.cats/ttys                       etc/rc
etc/rc.conf                             lib/libc
libexec/spamd                           sbin/dhclient
share/man                               sys/arch/amd64/conf
sys/dev/ic                              sys/netinet
usr.bin/mg                              usr.bin/ssh

== etc =============================================================== 01/08 ==



  ~ etc.cats/ttys                         

  > Add virtual consoles, copied from i386. (miod@)


  ~ rc                                    

  > add the goo for bgpd, theo ok (henning@)


  ~ rc.conf                               

  > add the goo for bgpd, theo ok (henning@)

== lib =============================================================== 02/08 ==



  ~ gen/scandir.c                         

  > don't leak memory.	free and netbsd via Patrick Latifi (tedu@)

== libexec =========================================================== 03/08 ==



  ~ grey.c                                

  > Fix really dumb memory leak that would have long runnign large whitelist
  > servers having their pf update process growing massive as it leaked
  > huge tracks of whitelist.
  > ok millert@ (beck@)

== sbin ============================================================== 04/08 ==



  ~ dhclient.c                            ~ dhcpd.h
  ~ errwarn.c                             

  > remove even more goo (deraadt@)

== share ============================================================= 05/08 ==



  ~ man4/ahc.4                            

  > Sync man page with Net/FreeBSD, as we have sync'ed the driver. (krw@)

  ~ man4/carp.4                           

  > Remove "you" and other minor cleanup. Pointed out by deraadt@ (mcbride@)

== sys =============================================================== 06/08 ==



  ~ GENERIC                               

  > audio at uaudio works, deraadt@ ok (avsm@)


  ~ if_wi_ieee.h                          

  > Remove duplicate defines.  BSD airtools uses WI_STYPE_CTL_CFENDCFACK
  > instead of WI_STYPE_CTL_CFENDACK so for now, just
  > mickey@ OK (millert@)


  ~ ip_carp.c                             

  > Only send route add or delete messages if it's the first identical
  > address being added or the last identical address being removed,
  > respectively.
  > Part of a larger diff approved by markus@ and dhartmei@, API changes held
  > back for now. (mcbride@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 07/08 ==



  ~ dir.c                                 

  > don't panic if we can't getcwd() initially, just chdir("/")
  > spotted by and ok henning (vincent@)


  ~ readconf.c                            ~ readconf.h
  ~ scp.1                                 ~ sftp.1
  ~ ssh.1                                 ~ ssh_config.5
  ~ sshconnect2.c                         

  > add IdentitiesOnly; ok djm@, pb@ (markus@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 08/08 ==



  ~ session.c                             

  > when a session that had a tcp connection established is pushed back to
  > IDLE,
  > try to write out what is left in the rite buffers. now notifications do
  > reach
  > the peer... (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > implement a parser for the optional attributes in OPEN messages and
  > properly
  > refuse any if we find them. not refusing means agreement - so we agreed
  > with our peers on stuff we don't support. oups. claudio ok (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > let parse_open() call change_state() on error itself, so that after sending
  > a notification about disagreement on optional parameters we do not
  > punish the peer by keeping him in Idle state for IdleHoldTime, rather let
  > him proceed to Connect immediately again. the "punishment" is of course a
  > flap
  > protection in the first place. claudio ok (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > improve logging when we are unhappy with an OPEN message, claudio ok
  > (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             ~ session.h

  > add a parser for the capability announcements using the OPEN message as per
  > RFC 3392. we don't support any capability yet but this at least avoids one
  > session teardown and reestablishment when talking to peers which do support
  > capability announcement (as in: basically any) and we'll start supporting
  > some soon. (henning@)

  ~ session.h                             ~ log.c

  > new error code "unsupported capability" from RFC 3392 (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > huch, remove a debug message (henning@)

  ~ parse.y                               

  > plug a couple of memory leaks, Patrick Latifi (henning@)

  ~ rde.c                                 ~ rde.h
  ~ rde_attr.c                            ~ rde_rib.c

  > Plug some memory leaks in rde. Based on a patch by Patrick Latifi.
  > Added attr_move() so that we can copy the attribute before calling the
  > filter.
  > path_update() will now use the passed attribute so it can't be simply
  > reused.
  > OK henning@ (claudio@)


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