[odc] Daily www changes for 2005-04-29

ODC auto at squish.net
Sat Apr 30 08:04:38 BST 2005

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2005-04-29

donations.html                          i386-laptop.html

== donations.html ==================================================== 01/03 ==



  > more (deraadt@)

== i386-laptop.html ================================================== 02/03 ==



  > More "rework in progress" from Alexander von Gernler and Alexandre Anriot:
  > Whitespace improvments, some content clean up, update Toshiba 2410s, added
  > Bernd Ahlers' notebook.  More to come! (nick@)

  > my turn. :)  I'm sick of seeing stuff about modems: If there are any modern
  > laptops with onboard modems that work, great, say "modem actually works",
  > otherwise, assume Winmodem with no support.  Make the introduction look a
  > little less dated. (nick@)

  > from Alexander von Gernler: Repair URL, remove machine at request of owner.
  > from Alexandre Anriot: remove blank lines, clean up URLs and long lines.
  > from me: Shorten man page links to minimum needed.
  > More to come... (nick@)

== zaurus.html ======================================================= 03/03 ==



  > calibration taken care of (deraadt@)


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