[odc] Daily src changes for 2005-06-04

ODC auto at squish.net
Sun Jun 5 08:00:16 BST 2005

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2005-06-04

lib/libc                                lib/libpcap
sbin/isakmpd                            share/man
sys/dev/pci                             sys/kern
sys/scsi                                usr.sbin/acpidump
usr.sbin/bgpctl                         usr.sbin/bgpd

== lib =============================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ crypt/arc4random.c                    

  > use the new fat random sysctl to get initial state. (fallback to looping).
  > stir after eating 400000 words.  ok + input deraadt (tedu@)


  ~ gencode.c                             

  > Fix description in a comment. (joel@)

== sbin ============================================================== 02/05 ==



  ~ isakmpd.8                             

  > Clarify that for -i/-R only paths beginning with /var/run are valid.
  > (hshoexer@)

  ~ udp.c                                 ~ udp_encap.c

  > undo last commit, all memory is already freed by udp_remove()
  > ok cloder (hshoexer@)

== share ============================================================= 03/05 ==



  ~ man4/man4.zaurus/zkbd.4               

  > document resumption and keyboard behaviour with the lid closed.
  > sure deraadt@ (dlg@)

== sys =============================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ pcidevs                               

  > k8htb pci bridges as found in asus a8v deluxe mobo; deraadt@ ok (fgsch@)

  ~ pcidevs.h                             

  > regen. (fgsch@)


  ~ kern_sysctl.c                         

  > let the arc4random sysctl write out up to 256 bytes at once.
  > ok + input deraadt miod (tedu@)


  ~ scsi_base.c                           

  > Make scsi_do_mode_sense() aware of the difference between the 8 byte
  > general block descriptor and the 8 byte direct block descriptor, and
  > return the correct values for density, block_count and block_size
  > based on the type of the device.  First cut has T_SEQUENTIAL (i.e.
  > tape devices) as the only device type using general block descriptors,
  > so the behaviour change is minimal. (krw@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ Makefile                              ~ acpi.c
  ~ acpidump.h                            ~ asl_dump.c
  ~ aml/aml_common.h                      ~ aml/aml_parse.c

  > Clean up gcc-isms. OK tholo (cloder@)


  ~ bgpctl.c                              

  > do not print the tcp connection details when the session is IDLE, we
  > have no connection in that case (henning@)


  ~ session.c                             

  > relay IMSG_CTL_KROUTE6 as well, from somewhere in BC on the drive to
  > vancouver (henning@)

  ~ bgpd.conf.5                           

  > be more clear about route-age (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             ~ session.h

  > when sending out a notification record the error code and suberror code in
  > the peer stats struct, and clear them as soon as the session leaves IDLE
  > (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > use the recorded error code to prevent sending out multiple notifications
  > (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > do not send out suberrorcodes for cease errors; there are none in the
  > standard (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > call the FSM with a CON_FATAL event after sending notifications in the
  > cases
  > where it was missing so that we actually close the connection (henning@)

  ~ session.c                             

  > when the max-prefix limit was exceeded generate a STOP event; we do not
  > want the session to be restarted automagically in that case. (henning@)


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