[odc] Daily www changes for 2005-10-08

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Sun Oct 9 08:09:11 BST 2005

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2005-10-08

events.html                             faq

== events.html ======================================================= 01/02 ==



  > gont talk (deraadt@)

== faq =============================================================== 02/02 ==



  ~ current.html                          

  > Build requires new xargs(1).
  > OK nick@ (mpf@)

  ~ faq15.html                            

  > Bunch of improvements from author, Steven Mestdagh:
  > being that package tools are in a state of flux, add &manpath=OpenBSD+3.8
  > to man page links. More warnings that ports is for advanced users who like
  > to hurt themselves rather than be productive.  Some wording improvements.
  > THANKS! (nick@)

  ~ current.html                          

  > Warn people not to try to run new MAKEDEV with old ksh. From
  > Johan M:son Lindman. (otto@)

  ~ faq6.html                             

  > Atheros ain't nice guys after all.	Pointed out by jsg at .  > <rant>*sigh* remember when HW vendors were PROUD of their products?
  > 'course, that was back when someone would bring their computer in for
  > repair when it crashed.  If the bar gets any lower, won't even have to
  > worry about stubbing our toes on it.</rant> (nick@)


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