[odc] Daily src changes for 2006-02-25

ODC auto at squish.net
Sun Feb 26 07:00:29 GMT 2006

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2006-02-25

share/man                               sys/arch/alpha/alpha
sys/arch/mac68k/dev                     sys/arch/sparc/dev
sys/arch/sparc64/dev                    sys/dev/acpi
sys/dev/i2c                             sys/dev/ic
sys/dev/pci                             usr.bin/mg
usr.bin/ssh                             usr.sbin/bgpd

== share ============================================================= 01/04 ==



  ~ man4/Makefile                         + man4/vic.4

  > add initial manual page for vic(4) (reyk@)

== sys =============================================================== 02/04 ==



  ~ fp_complete.c                         

  > ok, the miod thing can go back in, tree builds (deraadt@)


  ~ if_ae_nubus.c                         

  > initialize rv to zero avoiding match on whatever is just next on the bus
  > (martin@)


  ~ sbus.c                                

  > Put quotation marks around names of unconfigured devices.
  > ok deraadt@ (kettenis@)


  ~ ebus.c                                

  > Put quotation marks around names of unconfigured devices.
  > ok deraadt@ (kettenis@)


  ~ acpibtn.c                             

  > Ugh, missed some { }
  > Made spurrious interrupt message more useful (marco@)


  ~ i2c_scan.c                            

  > #undef I2C_VERBOSE; re-enable after release.
  > prompted by deraadt@ (kettenis@)

  ~ i2c_scan.c                            

  > Make sure we print something for unidentified devices.
  > ok deraadt@ (kettenis@)


  ~ rt2661.c                              ~ rt2661var.h

  > load the firmware only when necessary (first call to rt2661_init or if the
  > cardbus socket has been powered off). restore the call to rt2661_init() in
  > the watchdog since the firmware is not reloaded in this case.
  > fixes "timeout waiting for BBP" errors seen on some PCI adapters. (damien@)

  ~ rt2560.c                              ~ rt2661.c

  > instead of panicing when tx rate is zero, fallback to 1Mbps.
  > this is a temporary workaround since we should really not see any node
  > with an empty rate set but it seems to happen in hostap mode. (damien@)

  ~ rt2661.c                              

  > comment code that is currently unused (radar detection and dynamic rx
  > sensitivity tuning).  fix a typo while i'm here. (damien@)


  ~ pcidevs                               

  > ids for intel pro/wireless 3945ABG (damien@)

  ~ pcidevs.h                             ~ pcidevs_data.h

  > sync (damien@)

  + if_vic.c                              + if_vicreg.h
  + if_vicvar.h                           

  > Add vic(4), a driver for the VMware vmxnet network interface. This is
  > an alternative approach to the much slower pcn(4) emulation of VMware.
  > The driver is not yet working and work in progress.
  > ok brad@ deraadt@ (reyk@)

  ~ files.pci                             

  > add vic(4) config glue. The driver is not yet enabled. (reyk@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 03/04 ==



  ~ def.h                                 ~ main.c
  ~ tty.c                                 ~ window.c

  > Fix a coredump occurring when the terminal is resized while mg is
  > suspended. Problem reported and fixed tested by reyk@; tweak by
  > kjell@; ok kjell@ (otto@)


  ~ ssh_config.5                          

  > document the possible values for KbdInteractiveDevices;
  > help/ok dtucker (jmc@)

  ~ sshd_config.5                         

  > document the order in which allow/deny directives are processed;
  > help/ok dtucker (jmc@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 04/04 ==



  ~ bgpd.conf.5                           

  > Document the softreconfig (in|out) switch. With help from jmc@ (claudio@)


  ~ hostapd.c                             

  > fix for hostapd_printf() from Andrey Matveev:
  > ---snip---
  > We allocate some memory with va_start() for storage variable arguments
  > in dynamic mode. va_end() takes care about clearing this memory.
  > Therefore we should be sure, that to each va_start() there corresponds
  > va_end() call. And on error path too.
  > ---snap--- (reyk@)


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