[odc] Daily src changes for 2007-04-08

ODC auto at squish.net
Mon Apr 9 08:00:44 BST 2007

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2007-04-08

sbin/isakmpd                            share/man
sys/arch/sparc64/conf                   sys/dev
sys/dev/ata                             sys/dev/ic
sys/dev/pci                             sys/miscfs/deadfs
usr.bin/file                            usr.sbin/lpr

== sbin ============================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ monitor.c                             

  > o Kill another strerror() from a call to log_error(),
  > which already adds the errno string.
  > o Avoid closing fd, if it's -1.
  > o Don't replace illegal pathes with /dev/null in
  > m_priv_local_sanitize_path(). All callers skip it
  > anyways, in the failure case.
  > ok hshoexer@ (moritz@)

  ~ pf_key_v2.c                           

  > Fix lint comments. s/Fall through/FALLTHROUGH/.
  > ok hshoexer@ (moritz@)

== share ============================================================= 02/05 ==



  ~ man4/pgt.4                            

  > Sync with i386.html;  The NETGEAR WG511 made in China is a SoftMAC one
  > and therefore not supported yet. (mglocker@)

  ~ man8/afterboot.8                      

  > since both daily(8) and afterboot(8) contain instructions for
  > /altroot daily backup, remove the (obviously) duplicated text
  > from this page and point instead to daily(8);
  > from jared r r spiegel (jmc@)

  ~ man4/pgt.4                            

  > revert previous, since it made the hardware list too long (in terms of
  > screen width). instead change the descriptive string to a shorter
  > term to avoid the problem.
  > ok mglocker (jmc@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/05 ==



  ~ GENERIC                               

  > ral(4) reported to work on sparc64 by Maxim Belooussov
  > <belooussov at gmail.com  > so enable it. (jsg@)


  ~ ipmi.c                                

  > x4100 machines need a hold off in between reads and write to the bmc
  > (marco@)


  ~ ata.c                                 

  > Use CMD_OK instead of 0, no binary change, from mickey (pedro@)


  ~ sili.c                                

  > sili uses one queue for NCQ and legacy commands.  No need for the
  > AHCI-style
  > indirection when determining which commands are complete. (pascoe@)

  ~ sili.c                                

  > Track the order that CCBs are submitted in, so that after an error we are
  > sure to reissue commands in the correct order.  Defer completion of
  > commands
  > when we an error has occurred so that new commands don't go active before
  > queeud ones. (pascoe@)

  ~ sili.c                                

  > Add support for NCQ error recovery and enable NCQ command submission.
  > (pascoe@)

  ~ sili.c                                

  > Change the API to sili_port_intr so it can timeout a command and reuse the
  > existing reset/requeue infrastructure, and implement command timeouts.
  > sili_port_intr now always processes all pending CCBs, so switch to use the
  > auto-clearing interrupt status reads. (pascoe@)


  ~ ahci.c                                

  > Add compile-time support for coalescing command interrupts to reduce the
  > overall interrupt rate.
  > #define AHCI_COALESCE to enable. (pascoe@)

  ~ ahci.c                                

  > Whitespace/long line fixups.  No code change. (pascoe@)


  ~ dead_vnops.c                          

  > ansify and deregister, no binary change, okay mickey@ bluhm@ (pedro@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ magdir/audio                          

  > detect MP3 file with ID3 v2 tag
  > ok deraadt (sturm@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ common_source/displayq.c              

  > I have an HP LaserJet (P2015dn) whose LPR implementation may not end
  > the send queue state command stream with '\n'; check for this case
  > and print '\n' if needed.  Without this you may see something like:
  > $ lpq
  > queue empty$
  > ok millert@ (stevesk@)


  ~ OpenBSD/PackingList.pm                

  > remove warning (exiting thru next) (espie@)


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