[odc] Daily src changes for 2007-04-25

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Thu Apr 26 08:00:25 BST 2007

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2007-04-25

bin/ls                                  distrib/amd64
distrib/miniroot                        etc/etc.amd64/disktab
etc/rc                                  regress/sys
sys/arch/alpha/alpha                    sys/arch/amd64/amd64
sys/arch/amd64/conf                     sys/dev/pci
sys/dev/usb                             usr.bin/sdiff

== bin =============================================================== 01/06 ==



  ~ util.c                                

  > the non existent -W option is removed from the usage()
  > ok by jmc@ (sobrado@)

== distrib =========================================================== 02/06 ==



  ~ common/Makefile.inc                   

  > grow ramdisk mr.fs size, it is needed (deraadt@)


  ~ install.sub                           

  > Add capacity to specify one ntp 'server' (not 'servers') during install.
  > Suggested by deraadt@, nifty sed nit from ray at .  > ok deraadt@ beck@ mbalmer@ (krw@)

  ~ install.sub                           

  > Use 'ifconfig' and not 'ifconfig -a' as the -a is now the default. (krw@)

== etc =============================================================== 03/06 ==



  ~ etc.amd64/disktab                     

  > grow ramdisk mr.fs size, it is needed (deraadt@)


  ~ rc                                    

  > shutdown existing carp interfaces based on ifconfig output, not static
  > /etc/*.if files.
  > okay reyk@, deraadt@, krw at ...spie@)

== regress =========================================================== 04/06 ==



  ~ dev/audio/autest.1                    ~ dev/audio/autest.c

  > - add ability to specify a tone to be played (defaults to 440hz)
  > - stop using atoi ... use strtod/strtol
  > - fixing timing stuff for alaw/8 (jason@)

== sys =============================================================== 05/06 ==



  ~ clock.c                               

  > Set the time even when the clock chip is bad.
  > miod@ ok (art@)

  ~ clock.c                               

  > Yet another case that forgot to set the time.
  > pointed out by and ok miod@ (art@)


  ~ powernow-k8.c                         

  > Same change as i386, use the number of states to calculate performance
  > levels.
  > ok canacar (gwk@)


  ~ RAMDISK                               ~ RAMDISK_CD

  > grow ramdisk mr.fs size, it is needed (deraadt@)


  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > add some debug goo to be used soon (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > im an idiot. for (;;) { } while (condition); loops forever, no matter what
  > the condition is. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > add more register definitions, in particular the interrupt ones. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > start implementing interrupt handling.
  > the firmware generates an interrupt when it detects a link state change,
  > so we dont have to poll for it like other nics do. this sets it up so the
  > interrupt is handled even if the nic is down at the time.
  > you can plug and unplug the cable now and see pretty dmesg output. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > split tht_fifo_ready into tht_fifo_writable and tht_fifo_readable. the way
  > you determine usable space in the fifo is different between read and write
  > fifos, not half different like i thought it was. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > configure the 10G mac and enable (more) interrupts when the interface is
  > brought up. mask them again when the interface goes down. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > fix the conditions that the tx free path keeps looping on so that it will
  > process all available descriptors, instead of leaving one behind. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > format string fix (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > add some debug to the tx paths so i can see packets go on and off the hw.
  > (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > shift some bits like the spec says i should. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > put a two second timeout on the chip init after the firmware is loaded
  > (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > more register init in tht_up (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > fix a dprintf in the debug path (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > enable tx completion interrupts and provide handling for them.
  > unfortunately theres a bug somehwere. i had this working 6 hours ago, but
  > after scrubbing that diff it no longer completes packets. so annoying.
  > (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > i got a reg init wrong, still no tx completion though. (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > we only have to mask interrupts once when we bring the interface down
  > (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > when populating the rxf fifo, actually sync the rxf fifo at the start and
  > end of it, not txf.
  > still doesnt fix my bug (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > add some dprintfs to the fifo handlers.
  > enabling these makes tx completions occur. i wish i could figure out why.
  > (dlg@)

  ~ if_tht.c                              

  > hook the rx path up.
  > despite having written it without being able to test, there was only one
  > real bug. i wasnt keeping track of the mbuf in the rx init path, so when
  > the completion tried to use it, it was dereferencing random memory. (dlg@)


  ~ uts.c                                 

  > Add suport for printing debug information like coordinates if UTS_DEBUG
  > is defined and make sure that we are calling wsmouse_input every time
  > the screen gets touched on different types of touchscreens.
  > Some minor cleanups while here. (robert@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 06/06 ==



  ~ edit.c                                

  > Copy signal-safe edit function from sendbug.
  > OK millert@, threatened by deraadt at .ay@)


  ~ sendbug.c                             

  > Remove extra code that only applies to setuid/setgid programs.
  > ``Slacker!	We'll burn your hands if you don't get going!'' deraadt@ (ray@)


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