[odc] Daily src changes for 2007-10-21

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Mon Oct 22 07:00:02 BST 2007

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2007-10-21

lib/libc                                share/man
sys/arch/powerpc/ddb                    sys/arch/sparc64/include
sys/arch/sparc64/sparc64                sys/dev/cardbus
sys/dev/isa                             sys/dev/pci
sys/kern                                usr.bin/pcc
usr.sbin/bgpd                           usr.sbin/dhcpd

== lib =============================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ stdio/mktemp.c                        

  > Comment fix about time consumption of _gettemp.
  > FreeBSD did this in revision 1.20.
  > OK deraadt@, krw@ (tobias@)

== share ============================================================= 02/05 ==



  ~ man4/man4.sparc64/ecadc.4             

  > some corrections for previous; (jmc@)

  ~ man4/iic.4                            

  > add ecadc.4; (jmc@)

  ~ man4/man4.amd64/pctr.4                ~ man4/man4.i386/pctr.4

  > use .Pp instead of a blank space; (jmc@)

  ~ man3/intro.3                          

  > add libexpat; ok espie (jmc@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/05 ==



  ~ db_disasm.c                           

  > Make certain the output buffer is zeroed before starting processing.
  > (drahn@)


  ~ cpu.h                                 

  > Don't use next_tick() to start the clock ticking on secondary CPUs.  This
  > would fail from time to time on UltraSPARC-I and UltraSPARC-II CPUs.
  > Inspired by code in FreeBSD.
  > ok miod@ (kettenis@)


  ~ clock.c                               ~ cpu.c

  > Don't use next_tick() to start the clock ticking on secondary CPUs.  This
  > would fail from time to time on UltraSPARC-I and UltraSPARC-II CPUs.
  > Inspired by code in FreeBSD.
  > ok miod@ (kettenis@)


  ~ if_bwi_cardbus.c                      

  > Replace Cardbus_conf_* calls by cardbus_conf_* ones.  This solves the
  > panic 'trap type 300` seen on macppc and makes my Linksys WPC54G Ver 3
  > cardbus device work entirely on my PowerBook G4. (mglocker@)


  ~ if_ex.c                               ~ if_exreg.h

  > Add ifmedia support.
  > Tested by todd@
  > From FreeBSD
  > ok dlg@ (brad@)

  ~ if_ex.c                               ~ if_exreg.h

  > Add multicast support.
  > Tested by todd@ with IPv6.
  > Based on similar changes to the FreeBSD driver.
  > ok dlg@ (brad@)

  ~ if_ex.c                               

  > Remove a bogus and unnecessary check for if_addrlist from ex_init().
  > ok dlg@ (brad@)


  ~ if_em.c                               ~ if_em.h

  > Allow for the adjustment of the number of RX descriptors
  > for the newer generations of em(4) chipsets independently
  > from the first two generations (82542/82543). The first
  > two generations have hardware errata limiting the upper
  > maximum to 256 descriptors. The number of RX descriptors
  > has not been adjusted yet.
  > ok beck@ henning@ dlg@ (brad@)

  ~ cs4280.c                              

  > bring device back from power save mode if needed. fixes a problem reported
  > by Rodolfo Gouveia <rgouveia at cosmico dot net> on bugs@ (fgsch@)


  ~ vfs_bio.c                             

  > This QUEUE_DEBUG should really be DIAGNOSTIC - we need these checks
  > normally.
  > ok deraadt@ tedu@ otto@ (beck@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ powerpc/local.c                       

  > whack extdef() for the moment, it seems we do not need it and it trips
  > some bug as well (probably because of static data). (otto@)

  ~ powerpc/table.c                       

  > our as wants # as a comment char (otto@)

  ~ cpp/cpp.h                             ~ cpp/cpy.y
  ~ cpp/scanner.l                         

  > Pull from ragge's repo:
  > More fixes to cpp arithmetic, sanitychecked by otto and stefan. (otto@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ bgpd.conf.5                           

  > Being able to set the decision weight of prefixes is a nice feature, but
  > when it's not really documented in what way it influences the decision
  > process, people like myself will screw it up and assume that it gets
  > added to the prefix path lenth, and thus that smaller weight wins.
  > . which is not the case.  Document the actual behaviour.
  > ok claudio, the general change agreed by henning.
  > proofraed by jmc. (mk@)


  ~ options.c                             

  > Tidy up, make usual case exit faster, eliminate variable. No functional
  > change.
  > ok beck@ (krw@)

  ~ options.c                             

  > Last bit of (planned) tidy up in cons_options(). Join some lines,
  > delete some blank lines, add some other blank lines, move expressions
  > so calculations done only once. Eliminate extraneous ++'s.
  > No functional change. (krw@)

  ~ options.c                             

  > Take even more care to ensure the max message size is at
  > least as large as the minimum IP MTU.
  > ok canacar@ henning@ millert@ (krw@)


  ~ parse.y                               

  > sync with other daemons.
  > ok mcbride@ (pyr@)


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