[odc] Daily www changes for 2007-10-21

ODC auto at squish.net
Mon Oct 22 07:00:12 BST 2007

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2007-10-21

events.html                             faq

== events.html ======================================================= 01/03 ==



  > move JDLL 2007 to the past. (aanriot@)

  > Add Essen event (wvdputte@)

== faq =============================================================== 02/03 ==



  ~ upgrade42.html                        

  > Reorder/restructure document.
  > For unknown reasons, I split up the change alerts into something at the
  > top of the document and something else deep in the middle of the upgrade.
  > I think it made sense at the time, but it decayed into a mess.  Move all
  > advisories and warnings to the top.
  > Reorder slightly.
  > Add section about Alpha de(4) -> dc(4) change.
  > Add a #Xup target. (nick@)

  ~ upgrade42.html                        

  > improve TOC to be actually semi-useful. (nick@)

  ~ upgrade42.patch                       

  > mikeb@ suggested putting the icky, ugly, and wacko sudoers part of the
  > diff at the end of the file, easier for people to figure out if it worked
  > as desired. (nick@)

== orders.html ======================================================= 03/03 ==



  > Add StarTek as they have 4.2 CDs now (wvdputte@)


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