[odc] Daily src changes for 2008-08-21

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Fri Aug 22 07:00:01 BST 2008

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2008-08-21

lib/libc                                share/man
sys/dev/pci                             sys/netinet
sys/nfs                                 usr.bin/m4
usr.bin/pcc                             usr.bin/pkg-config

== lib =============================================================== 01/04 ==



  ~ stdio/mktemp.c                        

  > Remove useless code, the kernel will set errno appropriately if an
  > element in the path does not exist.  OK deraadt@ pvalchev@ (millert@)

== share ============================================================= 02/04 ==



  ~ man4/re.4                             ~ man4/cardbus.4

  > - add missing word in re.4
  > - update re(4) description in cardbus.4 (jmc@)

  ~ man4/man4.vax/legss.4                 

  > tweak previous; (jmc@)

  ~ man4/termios.4                        

  > +ECHOK; from Markus Bergkvist
  > ok deraadt (jmc@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/04 ==



  ~ drm/drmP.h                            ~ drm/drm_irq.c

  > Instead of having a number of malloced arrays for vblank handling, just
  > put them in a structure and malloc free an array of those, it is nicer
  > that way and They're all needed at the same time, anyway.
  > Idea taken from a suggestion on the dri-devel mailing list. (oga@)

  ~ drm/drmP.h                            ~ drm/drm_irq.c

  > Rip out the remnants of the vblank signal stuff. Nothing uses it, and
  > it's stupid anyway. Most of this was ifdefed out. (oga@)


  ~ ipsec_output.c                        

  > Assign the ip and ip6 pointers in ipsp_process_packet() only if a
  > header of the matching address family is available.  Especially do
  > not read ip->ip_off from an IPv6 packet header.
  > ok markus (bluhm@)


  ~ nfs_vnops.c                           

  > Fix 'if ();' construction introduced in last commit, okay deraadt@ (pedro@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/04 ==



  ~ extern.h                              ~ misc.c

  > use unsigned char for buffers, allow differentiating between EOF and y".
  > okay otto@ (espie@)

  ~ parser.y                              ~ tokenizer.l

  > gnu extension: 0rN:az   for  baseN numbers.
  > okay otto@ (espie@)

  ~ gnum4.c                               

  > extend format support to cater to recent GNU autoconf
  > okay otto@, some useful ideas from miod@ (espie@)

  ~ m4.1                                  

  > Document new gnu extensions, okay jmc@, otto@ (espie@)

  ~ eval.c                                

  > in gnu-m4 mode, allow definition of the empty macro (yes, autoconf 2.62
  > actually uses this, bleh)
  > okay otto@ (espie@)


  ~ cpp/scanner.l                         

  > From master repo:  Accept // inside #if directives. (ragge@)

  ~ ccom/Makefile.inc                     

  > Add missing dependency for external.h, from Don Hiatt. (ragge@)


  ~ pkg-config                            

  > Add an optional separator to stringize() and use it from do_list() to
  > match the GNU pkg-config --list-all output.
  > ok ckuethe@ (simon@)


  ~ session.c                             

  > allow ForceCommand internal-sftp with arguments. based on patch from
  > michael.barabanov AT gmail.com; ok markus@ (djm@)


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