[odc] Daily src changes for 2008-01-25

ODC auto at squish.net
Sat Jan 26 07:00:01 GMT 2008

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2008-01-25

gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail                   sbin/disklabel
sbin/pfctl                              sys/arch/i386/i386
sys/dev/pci                             sys/dev/usb
sys/net                                 usr.sbin/httpd

== gnu =============================================================== 01/04 ==



  ~ sendmail/conf.c                       

  > "read(..., ..., sizeof Y) < sizeof Y" is a dangerous idiom because it
  > does an unsigned comparison and read() can return -1. Use '!=' instead
  > of '<' since read() can't return more than 'sizeof Y'. Not perfect
  > (that would require a separate test for -1) but a very common usage.
  > We don't actually compile this code so there is no functional change.
  > Diff fixed & ok millert@ (krw@)

== sbin ============================================================== 02/04 ==



  ~ disklabel.8                           

  > document maximum partition size; ok jmc@ krw@ (otto@)

  ~ editor.c                              

  > Fix my screwup and don't return NULL from sort_paritions.
  > Problem found by ckuethe@, slightly different fix than the one
  > proposed by otto@ applied. (krw@)


  ~ pfctl_optimize.c                      

  > Get rid of warning when compiling with OPT_DEBUG. (mcbride@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/04 ==



  ~ machdep.c                             

  > Add support for some other CPU's.  Thank you to
  > jahrens at centtech for the information.
  > ok otto@, hshoexer@, beck@ (weingart@)


  ~ pcidevs.h                             ~ pcidevs_data.h

  > regen (brad@)

  ~ pcidevs                               

  > - correct a typo for the Atheros AR5311 entry.
  > - add a few Atheros AR5212 compatible PCI ids. From the Linux ath5k driver.
  > ok reyk@ dlg@ (brad@)


  ~ if_upgt.c                             

  > Since TX rate control is done by the firmware, we report the maximum
  > rate which is available. (mglocker@)


  ~ bpf.c                                 

  > Prevent USB network devices to generate a page fault trap when detached
  > while UP and holding an open bpf handler by checking bpfilter_lookup()
  > for returning NULL in bpfpoll().  Added an XXX comment which reminds us
  > to recheck why this race condition happens in conjunction with the USB
  > stack.
  > Commented by miod@ and thib@ (would prefer to directly fix race condition,
  > if this is possible at all).
  > lot of help and OK claudio@ (mglocker@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 04/04 ==



  ~ conf/httpd.conf                       

  > show an example for writing ErrorLog to syslog
  > ok henning (sthen@)


  ~ inetd.c                               

  > validate argv, okay otto@, henning@ (espie@)


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