[odc] Daily www changes for 2008-05-13

ODC auto at squish.net
Wed May 14 07:00:08 BST 2008

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2008-05-13

ports.html                              want.html

== ports.html ======================================================== 01/02 ==



  > - Simplify pkg_add examples, no need to give the full name of a pkg
  > - Mention the fact that now pkg_add supports updates, and give an example
  > - 'make install clean' is... cleaner for an example
  > ok espie@ (landry@)

== want.html ========================================================= 02/02 ==



  > i need fc gear much less now that i have stuff to play with at work. i need
  > more time instead. (dlg@)

  > apparently the intel iop348 based boards are compatible with the emulex
  > fc controllers, so id like one to work on when i get time to hax on sli(4)
  > again. (dlg@)


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