[odc] Daily src changes for 2009-04-05

ODC auto at squish.net
Mon Apr 6 07:00:01 BST 2009

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2009-04-05

etc/MAKEDEV.common                      etc/etc.alpha/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.amd64/MAKEDEV                   etc/etc.armish/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.hppa/MAKEDEV                    etc/etc.hppa64/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.i386/MAKEDEV                    etc/etc.landisk/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.macppc/MAKEDEV                  etc/etc.sgi/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.socppc/MAKEDEV                  etc/etc.sparc64/MAKEDEV
etc/etc.zaurus/MAKEDEV                  gnu/egcs
lib/libc                                lib/libm
share/man                               sys/arch/sparc64/dev
sys/dev/pci                             sys/uvm
usr.bin/patch                           usr.sbin/smtpd

== etc =============================================================== 01/07 ==



  ~ MAKEDEV.common                        

  > video(4) devices use v4l2 api; from J.C. Roberts
  > ok miod (jmc@)


  ~ etc.alpha/MAKEDEV                     

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.amd64/MAKEDEV                     

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.armish/MAKEDEV                    

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.hppa/MAKEDEV                      

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.hppa64/MAKEDEV                    

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.i386/MAKEDEV                      

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.landisk/MAKEDEV                   

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.macppc/MAKEDEV                    

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.sgi/MAKEDEV                       

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.socppc/MAKEDEV                    

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.sparc64/MAKEDEV                   

  > regen; (jmc@)


  ~ etc.zaurus/MAKEDEV                    

  > regen; (jmc@)

== gnu =============================================================== 02/07 ==



  ~ gcc/c-common.c                        

  > - accept l modifier for %f
  > - while here;  also accept %F
  > fixes devel/libconfuse on gcc2 archs
  > tested by naddy@ on VAX
  > "no objection" miod@ (martynas@)

== lib =============================================================== 03/07 ==



  ~ arch/sh/gen/fabs.c                    

  > this is not a write-only register.	might have caused to optimize
  > it away.  ok miod@ (martynas@)

  ~ stdio/scanf.3                         ~ stdio/vfscanf.c

  > accept %F, which actually behaves the same as %f.  per C99
  > ok millert@ (martynas@)


  ~ noieee_src/mathimpl.h                 ~ noieee_src/n_asinh.c
  ~ noieee_src/n_exp__E.c                 ~ noieee_src/n_expm1.c
  ~ noieee_src/n_log1p.c                  ~ noieee_src/n_pow.c
  ~ src/b_exp__D.c                        

  > const static -> static const;  since it's deprecated per C99.  ok millert@
  > (martynas@)

  ~ Makefile                              + arch/sh/e_sqrt.c
  + arch/sh/e_sqrtf.c                     + arch/sh/s_fabsf.c

  > implement and use sqrt, sqrtf & fabsf in hardware;	since it's
  > faster that way.  tested by myself.  discussed w/ & ok miod@, millert@
  > (martynas@)

== share ============================================================= 04/07 ==



  ~ man8/man8.alpha/MAKEDEV.8             ~ man8/man8.amd64/MAKEDEV.8
  ~ man8/man8.armish/MAKEDEV.8            ~ man8/man8.hppa/MAKEDEV.8
  ~ man8/man8.hppa64/MAKEDEV.8            ~ man8/man8.i386/MAKEDEV.8
  ~ man8/man8.landisk/MAKEDEV.8           ~ man8/man8.macppc/MAKEDEV.8
  ~ man8/man8.sgi/MAKEDEV.8               ~ man8/man8.socppc/MAKEDEV.8
  ~ man8/man8.sparc64/MAKEDEV.8           ~ man8/man8.zaurus/MAKEDEV.8

  > regen; (jmc@)

  ~ man7/hier.7                           

  > /usr/X11R6/lib/xserver is more or less replaced by /usr/X11R6/lib/xorg.
  > Pointed by jmc at . (matthieu@)

  ~ man8/yp.8                             

  > In the previous commit, i confused "any" and "all".
  > Fix prodded and checked by jmc@, thanks. (schwarze@)

== sys =============================================================== 05/07 ==



  ~ iommu.c                               ~ viommu.c

  > In the rare case where after we've loaded the iomap into the hardware,
  > if we fail while assembling the dmamap due to the memory not fitting
  > into our constraints we'll return from the function with the iomap still
  > loaded, and more importantly with memory still allocated from the
  > extent(9). So in such a case, make sure we clean up after outselves.
  > In order to make this cleaner, remove an impossible condition check
  > (kettenis and myself are satisfied that it will never happen), and make
  > iomap_load_map void (it can't fail), so that we can only fail after both
  > the extent is allocated and the iomap is loaded, and not inbetween the
  > two.
  > I tested iommu, kettenis tested viommu.
  > ok kettenis at . (oga@)


  ~ drm/drmP.h                            ~ drm/i915_dma.c
  ~ drm/r300_cmdbuf.c                     ~ drm/savage_state.c

  > kill DRM_VERIFYAREA_READ, it's part of a linux optimisation where we can
  > guarrantee that copyin won't pagefault and use a faster version in that
  > case.
  > Since we just use plain copyin, it's stupid. (oga@)

  ~ drm/drmP.h                            ~ drm/drm_irq.c
  ~ drm/i915_irq.c                        ~ drm/radeon_irq.c

  > Rework the vblank subsystem so that instead of having various bits in
  > the drm softc, we only have one pointer, with the rest in that struct. This
  > is
  > so that vblank-less drivers (yes, they exist) don't need to waste space on
  > useless crud.
  > While i'm reworking most of this code anyway, accept that on openbsd all
  > of the #defined atomic functions are not atomic other than set and clear
  > bit. Also, realise that the vb_lock is held whenever we manipulate these
  > counts anyway.  With those two facts in mind just remove the
  > atomic_blah() and just use ++ and --. (oga@)


  ~ uvm_vnode.c                           

  > In the unlikely even that we do the final unref on a uvm_vnode object
  > while there's io pending (async io makes that possible, but not often
  > hit), then we'll be waiting for the pgo_releasepg hook to free the
  > object when all of our pages disappear.
  > However, uvn_releasepg, while it does everything else that unreferencing
  > the object would do, it neglects to do the final vrele() on the vnode.
  > So in this rare situation we'd end up with the vnode waiting around
  > until it was forcibly recycled. Fix this by adding in the missing vrele().
  > ok thib@ (oga@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 06/07 ==



  ~ patch.c                               

  > If no patch can be found in input, in addition to complaining on stderr,
  > have the exit code indicate failure, not success.
  > Discrepancy with GNU patch pointed out by Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar
  > Arahesis.
  > Help from and ok djm@, "sounds good to me" millert@ (stsp@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 07/07 ==



  ~ enqueue.c                             

  > ignore -o option (for now at least) when working in enqueue mode, this
  > prevents smtpctl from choking and allows it to work with more mua's by
  > default.
  > spotted and added to my todo list by oga@ (gilles@)

  ~ lka.c                                 

  > log_warn -> log_warnx (gilles@)


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