[odc] Daily X11 changes for 2009-12-14

ODC auto at squish.net
Tue Dec 15 07:00:09 GMT 2009

OpenBSD X11 changes summary for 2009-12-14

MODULES                                 app

== MODULES =========================================================== 01/03 ==



  > update (matthieu@)

== app =============================================================== 02/03 ==



  ~ cwm/calmwm.h                          ~ cwm/group.c
  ~ cwm/xutil.c                           

  > kill _CWM_GRP atom setting. The netwm stuff does us well enough now that
  > it's superfluous.
  > ok okan@ (oga@)

== driver ============================================================ 03/03 ==



  ~ xf86-video-intel/src/i830_video.c     

  > Fix a segfault in X for a clipped movie window.
  > ok matthieu@
  > Original commit message from barry scott to upstream:
  > Author: Barry Scott <barry.scott at onelan.co.uk>
  > Date:   Tue Jun 23 14:14:50 2009 +0100
  > Fix segv for clipped movie window
  > When playing a movie that is clipped on its left and right edges the
  > Xorg server will SEGV sometimes. This is because the intel driver
  > ignores the clipping info when it copies the planes out of the XV
  > data.  The check for the optimised copy was wrong to ignore the
  > width required.  Which leads to too much data being copied by the
  > memcpy. It the source buffe happens to end exactly on a page
  > boundary the server will SEGV.
  > As we reviewed the code we checked the calculation of src1, src2 and
  > src3.  The patch includes additional comments to make it clear what
  > the elements of the calculation are.
  > This bug exists in git head and we also see it in 2.4.1. (oga@)


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