[odc] Daily src changes for 2009-02-24

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Wed Feb 25 07:00:01 GMT 2009

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2009-02-24

share/man                               sys/arch/amd64/amd64
sys/arch/sgi/dev                        sys/dev/acpi
sys/dev/pci                             sys/dev/usb
sys/net                                 usr.sbin/smtpd

== share ============================================================= 01/03 ==



  ~ man4/umsm.4                           ~ man4/ubsa.4

  > move AnyDATA ADU-E100H from ubsa(4) to umsm(4) (yuo@)

== sys =============================================================== 02/03 ==



  ~ est.c                                 

  > back out est.c 1.8 and bring acpicpu.c all the way back to 1.47 because of
  > hanging machines.  backed out correctly this time, as pointed out by tedu.
  > (deraadt@)

  ~ est.c                                 

  > match new cpuid stuff from i386; by jsg
  > ok toby and tedu (deraadt@)


  ~ gbe.c                                 ~ gbereg.h

  > Add support for hardware acceleration to gbe(4). This provides an
  > accelerated
  > framebuffer for the console on SGI O2 workstations. X is still supported
  > via
  > wsfb(4) by switching back to the unaccelerated linear framebuffer mode.
  > Some hardware details and magic numbers from NetBSD's crmfb(4) driver.
  > ok miod@ jasper@ "Sure, go for it" deraadt@ (jsing@)


  ~ acpicpu.c                             

  > Backout a backout because noone knows what the hell the backout is a
  > backout of.   COME ON.  Be exact in your commit messages. (deraadt@)

  ~ acpicpu.c                             

  > back out est.c 1.8 and bring acpicpu.c all the way back to 1.47 because of
  > hanging machines.  backed out correctly this time, as pointed out by tedu.
  > (deraadt@)


  ~ if_sis.c                              ~ if_sisreg.h

  > The original SiS chips seem to have an bug that marks VLAN tagged packets
  > with an rx error (SIS_RXSTAT_GIANT) eventhough everything is fine.
  > Change code to clear this error on RX if the size of the packet is smaller
  > then 1532 bytes.
  > From FreeBSD via Brad. Tested on the more common National chips by me.
  > Ok deraadt@ (claudio@)


  ~ ubsa.c                                ~ umsm.c

  > move AnyDATA ADU-E100H to umsm(4) from ubsa(4) as it uses msm chipset.
  > reported by denis1482 (yuo@)


  ~ if_pfsync.c                           

  > request a bulk update when the pfsync if configuration is changed via an
  > ioctl. without this peers would not request a bulk update when they come
  > up, and therefore will not have the full state tree available for use in
  > failover.
  > ok mcbride@ "go for it" deraadt@ (dlg@)

  ~ if.c                                  

  > Disable rt_if_track() for now. This causes the rtfree panic seen in PR6043
  > and I'm currently unable to find the cause of this. Time is running out so
  > workaround it for now.  OK deraadt. (claudio@)

  ~ if_pfsync.c                           

  > restore the parsing of incoming tdb update messages. this was disabled
  > while i was replacing the guts of pfsync, but i forgot to put it back
  > again. this will make ipsec gateway failover work again.
  > tested by sthen@ and david@
  > ok deraadt@ (dlg@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 03/03 ==



  ~ control.c                             ~ parser.c
  ~ parser.h                              ~ queue_shared.c
  ~ runner.c                              ~ smtpctl.c
  ~ smtpd.h                               ~ util.c

  > teach smtpctl's parser how to deal with parameters that are not necessarily
  > a token so that it is possible to do: smtpctl schedule <message id/uid>
  > introduce F_MESSAGE_FORCESCHEDULE which lets the runner schedule a message
  > even if the retry delay has not been expired.
  > F_MESSAGE_ENQUEUED is a valid flag for a message and should not cause an\
  > errx() in smtpctl show queue (gilles@)

  ~ lka.c                                 

  > fix tilde expansion (eg. ~/Mail); ok gilles@ (jacekm@)


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