[odc] Daily X11 changes for 2009-01-08

ODC auto at squish.net
Fri Jan 9 07:00:07 GMT 2009

OpenBSD X11 changes summary for 2009-01-08

3RDPARTY                                MODULES
app                                     driver

== 3RDPARTY ========================================================== 01/04 ==



  > update (matthieu@)

== MODULES =========================================================== 02/04 ==



  > update (matthieu@)

== app =============================================================== 03/04 ==



  ~ cwm/conf.c                            

  > If the mousebutton is unknown when we go to grab, don't just print a
  > warning, but also skip the XGrabButton call. Noticed by code inspection
  > by okan@, but we agreed my fix was cleaner.
  > ok okan. (oga@)

== driver ============================================================ 04/04 ==



  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/Makefile.bsd-wrapper
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/config.h.in     ~ xf86-video-openchrome/configure
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/configure.ac    
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/man/Makefile.in
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_accel.c
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_driver.c
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_driver.h
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_memory.c
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_priv.h
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_swov.c
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_video.c
  ~ xf86-video-openchrome/src/via_xvmc.c

  > openchrome doesn't build if you have an xserver with DRI compiled in,
  > but you disable dri on in the driver build and don't have the via_drm.h
  > it wants in dri mode. Work around this by changing the #define used to
  > an openchrome only one, instead of overloading the XF86DRI identifier.
  > Also disable the DRI build unconditionally.
  > This is needed here since we don't provide the via DRM module, and i'm
  > moving libdrm over to using the kernel headers (instead of libdrms own
  > private copy of same... This is why kernel modules should be developed
  > in kernel). We won't provide a via drm driver until it is re-written,
  > since it is full of linuxisms (like futex).
  > ok matthieu@, discussed with a few. tested by grange@ to prove it was a
  > no-op functionality wise. (oga@)


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