[odc] Daily src changes for 2009-01-10

ODC auto at squish.net
Sun Jan 11 07:00:01 GMT 2009

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2009-01-10

lib/libc                                lib/libsndio
sbin/dhclient                           share/man
sys/arch/mac68k/mac68k                  sys/arch/macppc/dev
sys/arch/sparc64/conf                   sys/arch/sparc64/dev
sys/dev/pci                             sys/dev/wscons
sys/scsi                                usr.bin/aucat
usr.sbin/authpf                         usr.sbin/smtpd

== lib =============================================================== 01/06 ==



  ~ stdio/mktemp.3                        

  > The process number is longer used to replace trailing 'Xs'.
  > ok jmc, millert (tobias@)


  ~ aucat.c                               ~ sndio.c
  ~ sun.c                                 

  > make all private functions static (ratchov@)

== sbin ============================================================== 02/06 ==



  ~ dhclient.c                            

  > Use the kernel set ifam_hdrlen so that ABI changes won't cause older
  > binaries to stop working.
  > OK krw@, michele@, henning@, dlg@ (claudio@)

== share ============================================================= 03/06 ==



  ~ man4/man4.sparc64/ifb.4               

  > Rearrange the video modes list in a table, and mention which one use
  > composite sync. (miod@)

  ~ man4/man4.macppc/abtn.4               

  > eject and volume controles are supported from now on (robert@)

  ~ man4/man4.macppc/adb.4                

  > sync abtn Nd; (jmc@)

== sys =============================================================== 04/06 ==



  ~ pmap_bootstrap.c                      

  > dont include mfs_extern.h here
  > ok miod@ (thib@)


  ~ abtn.c                                

  > Add support for the volume buttons and for the eject button found
  > on apple laptops.
  > The eject button will only eject the disc when it's not used by
  > anything.
  > ok miod@ (robert@)


  ~ files.sparc64                         

  > Split off LDC support code into its own file. (kettenis@)

  ~ files.sparc64                         

  > Tweak the way we include the iommu code a bit. (kettenis@)

  ~ GENERIC                               ~ RAMDISK

  > Enable cbus(4) and vnet(4). (kettenis@)


  ~ vnet.c                                

  > Add multicast support.  Doesn't handle multicast ranges yet, but inet6
  > seems
  > to work fine. (kettenis@)

  ~ vnet.c                                + ldc.c
  + ldcvar.h                              

  > Split off LDC support code into its own file. (kettenis@)

  ~ vnet.c                                + viovar.h

  > Split off VIO definitions into their own file. (kettenis@)


  ~ if_jme.c                              ~ if_jmevar.h

  > - remove unused variable
  > - eliminate hardcoded return value of jme_init_rx_ring()
  > ok jsg@ (kevlo@)

  ~ drm/drm.h                             

  > Add GEM ioctl definitions to drm.h (the intel specific ones were added a
  > while back). I need this for libdrm updates.
  > While i'm here, remove a bunch of #ifdef NotUs stuff, and remove some
  > stupid doxygen comments. (oga@)


  ~ wsdisplay.c                           

  > When switching from emulation mode to mapped mode (i.e. X starts), it is
  > not
  > enough to suspend the screen burner; the video has to be switched on if
  > the screen burner had run already. (miod@)

  ~ wsdisplay.c                           

  > Do not compile in wsdisplay_emulinput() if WSEMUL_NO_VT100 is #defined.
  > (miod@)


  ~ ch.c                                  

  > Don't try to cast an lvalue which is forbidden and something pcc, lint,
  > and newer versions of gcc all object to.
  > ok miod@ krw@ beck@ (jsg@)

  ~ cd.c                                  

  > Add support for the volume buttons and for the eject button found
  > on apple laptops.
  > The eject button will only eject the disc when it's not used by
  > anything.
  > ok miod@ (robert@)

  ~ ch.c                                  

  > Get rid of eye-bleeding horror of casting pointers to u_long to add
  > a size to them, because the original author of this stuff obviously
  > didn't grok pointer arithmatic.
  > ok krw@, tedu@, marco@, kettenis@ (beck@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 05/06 ==



  ~ aucat.1                               ~ aucat.c
  ~ dev.c                                 ~ dev.h

  > add "loopback" mode in which input is connected to the output.
  > This is useful to mix, demultiplex, resample or reencode audio
  > files off-line.
  > tweak + ok jakemsr (ratchov@)

  ~ aucat.1                               

  > tweak previous; (jmc@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 06/06 ==



  ~ authpf.c                              

  > variable declaration before use, found by vax, no cookie (todd@)

  ~ authpf.c                              

  > Uninitialized variable introduced in 1.110. (miod@)


  ~ smtpd.c                               

  > - remove a comment that was no longer relevant
  > - when authenticating user, instead of doing a getpwnam() and checking the
  > passwd field, issue a call to auth_userokay(), this will allow the
  > use of login scripts to implement custom authentications without
  > bloating smtpd. (gilles@)


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