[odc] Daily www changes for 2009-01-22

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Fri Jan 23 07:00:14 GMT 2009

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2009-01-22

faq                                     sparc64.html

== faq =============================================================== 01/03 ==



  ~ upgrade45.html                        

  > re-strategize remote upgrade process to:
  > save old copy of /sbin/reboot
  > untar everything except etcXX and baseXX
  > untar baseXX
  > reboot using saved copy of /sbin/reboot
  > we keep having to unpack more and more of baseXX before first reboot,
  > and some of us were doing this process (more or less) anyway.  This
  > solves a lot of problems, simplifies things, one less reboot, etc.
  > "like it" henning@
  > Comments welcome  (rest of this page is still QUITE incomplete) (nick@)

== sparc64.html ====================================================== 02/03 ==



  > Add back the m4k/m5k/m8k/m9k to the list of supported machines. (kettenis@)

== want.html ========================================================= 03/03 ==



  > unbreak. There's something wrong with my text editor :( (kevlo@)

  > Dale and I could use some hard-to-find serial cables for G4 desktops.
  > (todd@)

  > - remove gilles' entry per his request, he got the needed money (jasper@)


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