[odc] Daily src changes for 2009-03-13

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Sat Mar 14 07:00:01 GMT 2009

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2009-03-13

distrib/miniroot                        sys/dev/acpi
sys/dev/pci                             usr.sbin/bgpd

== distrib =========================================================== 01/03 ==



  ~ install.sub                           

  > Add tab's to the whitespace pattern used to eliminate existing entries
  > when adding a host line via addhost_entry(). Thus preventing the duplicate
  > entries for we started inserting when we switched to using tabs
  > in the initial hosts file. (krw@)

== sys =============================================================== 02/03 ==



  ~ dsdt.c                                

  > Fixed potential aml_freevalue on uninitialized stack , reported by krw
  > Fixup in acpidock for aml_evalinteger
  > ok @marco (jordan@)

  ~ acpidock.c                            

  > Fixup in acpidock for aml_evalinteger
  > Reported by guenther
  > ok marco@ (jordan@)

  ~ dsdt.c                                

  > tabs; stupid emacs (marco@)


  ~ pcidevs                               

  > add nVidia GeForce 9300M CS (kevlo@)

  ~ pcidevs.h                             ~ pcidevs_data.h

  > regen (kevlo@)

  ~ ips.c                                 

  > Process command completion errors while polling, too. (grange@)

  ~ ips.c                                 

  > Some preparation steps for SCSI pass-through support:
  > - stack command and DCDB frames along with scatter-gather list into
  > one command block;
  > - use structure field pointers and offsetof() instead of evil pointer
  > arithmetics;
  > - add DCDB definitions.
  > No functional changes. (grange@)

  ~ ips.c                                 

  > Add SCSI pass-through and enclosure support. Tested on lpinto's
  > machine which has safte(4). (grange@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 03/03 ==



  ~ rde_update.c                          

  > Correctly encode MP unreach NLRI so that IPv6 prefixes get removed
  > correctly.
  > One bug was hiding another bug and only foundry based routers where unhappy
  > about these bad updates. Found by Arnoud Vermeer and Elisa Jasinska at
  > ams-ix.
  > OK henning@ (claudio@)

  ~ rde.c                                 

  > More paranoia when parsing empty updates. Make sure they are really empty
  > and
  > don't come with some additional stuff attached to them.
  > OK henning@ (claudio@)

  ~ bgpd.h                                ~ buffer.c
  ~ session.c                             

  > Sync buffer API with the one from ospfd. The dynamic buffers will make
  > other
  > code much easier to write. OK henning@ some time ago. (claudio@)

  ~ mrt.c                                 ~ mrt.h
  ~ rde.c                                 ~ session.c

  > Move mrt code over to use the msgbuf way of queuing buffers instead of
  > rolling
  > an own version. More cleanup to come. (claudio@)

  ~ bgpd.h                                ~ buffer.c
  ~ mrt.c                                 ~ mrt.h
  ~ rde.c                                 

  > Next step in mrt cleanup. Switch buf_write to a smarter version of itself.
  > Doing more the stuff msgbuf_write does and switch the only user -- mrt --
  > over to use this simpler way of writing out stuff. (claudio@)

  ~ rde.c                                 

  > No need for a line break, makes code a bit more compact. (claudio@)


  ~ lsupdate.c                            

  > When commiting the buf_left() change adding len to the check was dropped
  > and
  > so a warning later on could be hit in some cases. Found by dlg@ OK dlg@
  > (claudio@)


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