[odc] Daily www changes for 2009-03-22

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Mon Mar 23 07:00:21 GMT 2009

OpenBSD www changes summary for 2009-03-22

45.html                                 faq

== 45.html =========================================================== 01/02 ==



  > some entries for OpenSSH 5.2 added.
  > tweaked and nicely improved by dtucker@
  > ok dtucker@ (sobrado@)

== faq =============================================================== 02/02 ==



  ~ faq4.html                             

  > +4.12.6 - I have no floppy or CD-ROM on my machine
  > Asked from time to time, plus a number of new machines lack removable
  > media, including the one this article was written on.  For the curious,
  > I used a USB flash drive, same one I used to evaluate the machine in the
  > store. (nick@)

  ~ index.html                            

  > replaced almost all the articles in "what's new" this cycle. :)  My new
  > laptop was a good investment, it seems. (nick@)

  ~ upgrade45.html                        

  > Noise I didn't mean to commit... (nick@)

  + upgrade45.patch                       

  > initial version of the patch file, very minimal testing so far. (nick@)


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