[odc] Daily src changes for 2009-11-28

ODC auto at squish.net
Sun Nov 29 07:00:01 GMT 2009

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2009-11-28

lib/librthread                          sbin/ifconfig
sys/arch/mips64/mips64                  sys/dev/pci
usr.bin/newsyslog                       usr.sbin/pkg_add

== lib =============================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ shlib_version                         

  > This might not be necessary, but Just In Case: since the underlying
  > syscall ABI has changed and everything is going to need to be relinked
  > anyway, bump the rthread major (guenther@)

== sbin ============================================================== 02/05 ==



  ~ brconfig.c                            

  > remove unused variables
  > ok claudio@ (chl@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/05 ==



  ~ softintr.c                            

  > missing #ifdef MULTIPROCESSOR protection around locking code. (miod@)


  ~ vga_pci.c                             

  > Make sure we pass on DVACT_SUSPEND and DVACT_RESUME requests to our
  > children
  > such that inteldrm(4) stands a chance at actually saving and restoring its
  > state.  Makes it possible to start X after a suspend/resume cycle on my
  > Dell laptop with Intel graphics.
  > ok jsg@, miod@ (kettenis@)

  ~ vga_pci.c                             

  > Fix previous; pointed out by stsp@ (kettenis@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ newsyslog.8                           

  > The first paragraph of the DESCRIPTION had multiple issues,
  > so rewrite it from scratch.  Joint work with jmc at .
  > Originally triggered by lars dot curator at gmail dot com
  > by requesting the addition of the word "rotate",
  > also using some observations from matthew at dempsky dot org.
  > OK jmc@   ":-)" sthen@ (schwarze@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ OpenBSD/SharedLibs.pm                 

  > remove redundant message (espie@)

  ~ pkg_delete                            ~ OpenBSD/Delete.pm

  > add (n to go) to pkg_delete as well. (espie@)

  ~ OpenBSD/Interactive.pm                

  > add "always" to ask_list... (espie@)

  ~ pkg_delete                            

  > oops, if I want to modify @todo, I should do it right. (espie@)

  ~ pkg_delete                            

  > still not right, so revert to original algorithm, and compute @todo
  > in a more expensive way... (espie@)

  ~ OpenBSD/Dependencies.pm               ~ OpenBSD/SharedLibs.pm

  > rework display of missing libs some more: first show the libraries, then
  > the dependency tree. (espie@)

  ~ pkg_add                               

  > allow -l list more_packages
  > prepare for incremental updates: avoid reinstalling finished set.
  > don't display stuff we will install, it's mostly useless. (espie@)

  ~ pkg_add                               ~ OpenBSD/Handle.pm

  > when resolving conflicts, don't recreate handles for packages being
  > replaced
  > if we already know they're being replaced.
  > This requires completing them with a plist.
  > (some cleanup of api to do later) (espie@)

  ~ OpenBSD/Tracker.pm                    ~ OpenBSD/UpdateSet.pm

  > prepare for "better" merge: we can't just wipe the old set, we have to
  > point
  > it to the new set, as tracker stuff may still know about it. (espie@)

  ~ pkg_add                               

  > oops (espie@)


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