[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-12-19

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Mon Dec 20 07:00:01 GMT 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-12-19

regress/usr.bin                         share/man
sys/dev/usb                             sys/kern
usr.bin/mandoc                          usr.bin/tmux
usr.sbin/pcidump                        usr.sbin/smtpd

== regress =========================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ mandoc/mdoc/Makefile                  + mandoc/mdoc/Bk/Makefile
  + mandoc/mdoc/Bk/badarg.in              + mandoc/mdoc/Bk/badarg.out_ascii
  + mandoc/mdoc/Bk/break.in               + mandoc/mdoc/Bk/break.out_ascii

  > Handle .Bk the same way as groff 1.20.1:
  > .Bk without arguments defaults to -words.
  > .Bk with invalid arguments (including -lines) has no effect.
  > ok kristaps@ (schwarze@)

== share ============================================================= 02/05 ==



  ~ man7/man.7                            

  > Sync to bsd.lv (except that i'm not adding .ft documentation,
  > which we have in roff.7):
  > Remove documentation of the bogus macros .i and .r (which we just
  > removed from mandoc and which never worked in groff), of .b (which
  > never existed at all), and of the commented-out chunks for .PD, .Sp,
  > .Vb, and .Ve (the latter three occur in the pod2man preamble and are
  > now handled by roff.7 .de). (schwarze@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/05 ==



  ~ ucycom.c                              ~ utrh.c
  ~ utwitch.c                             

  > - use usb_lookup(), these should be the last drivers that rolled their own
  > unneeded macro around it.
  > - fix a reference to the previous driver name utwitch while here
  > ok jakemsr@ (jasper@)


  ~ sys_generic.c                         

  > Since we have an ioctl that uses a struct with an off_t member as its
  > argument, we need to make sure this buffer has 64-bit alignment, even
  > on 32-bit architectures.  Fixes the alignment trap triggered by
  > vnconfig(8) on sparc for kernels compiled with gcc4.
  > ok miod@ (kettenis@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ man.c                                 ~ man.h
  ~ man_html.c                            ~ man_macro.c
  ~ man_term.c                            ~ man_validate.c

  > Remove `i' and `r' macro handlers.	These macros, originally part of the
  > me package, aren't recognised by "groff -mandoc" so we don't need to do
  > so either.	Besides, they are not used in base or Xenocara, and only at
  > two or three places in one single port, which are probably typos.
  > From kristaps at . (schwarze@)

  ~ html.c                                ~ html.h
  ~ man_html.c                            ~ mandoc.1
  ~ mdoc.h                                ~ mdoc_html.c

  > Significant improvements to -Thtml by kristaps@:
  > Use less <DIV>, use more <H1>, <H2>, <P>, <BR>, <PRE>, <UL>, <OL>, <DL>
  > etc.
  > Triggered by input from Will Backman.
  > Remove CSS2 note in mandoc.1, which is no longer true. (schwarze@)

  ~ mdoc_term.c                           

  > Handle .Bk the same way as groff 1.20.1:
  > .Bk without arguments defaults to -words.
  > .Bk with invalid arguments (including -lines) has no effect.
  > ok kristaps@ (schwarze@)

  ~ mdoc_html.c                           

  > Handle .Bk in -Thmtl the same way as in -Tascii.
  > From kristaps at . (schwarze@)


  ~ cmd-set-option.c                      ~ layout-set.c
  ~ tmux.1                                ~ tmux.c

  > Add other-pane-height and other-pane-width options, allowing the width
  > or height of the smaller panes in the main-horizontal and main-vertical
  > layouts to be set. Mostly from David Goodlad. (nicm@)

  ~ cmd-choose-session.c                  

  > Don't nuke the index counter when a session group comes up. (nicm@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ pcidump.8                             ~ pcidump.c

  > Add -xxx option that print PCIe extended config space.
  > ok mikeb@, deraadt@ (kettenis@)

  ~ pcidump.c                             

  > add -xxx to usage(); (jmc@)


  ~ dns.c                                 

  > If MX lookup fails, fallback to using the host itself. This has always been
  > the behavior but I introduced a regression when switching to ASR.
  > bug reported by jmc@, bugfix tested by jmc@ and I (gilles@)


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