[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-02-17

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Thu Feb 18 07:00:01 GMT 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-02-17

distrib/loongson                        distrib/notes
distrib/sets                            distrib/socppc
etc/etc.loongson/Makefile.inc           etc/etc.loongson/fbtab
etc/etc.loongson/ttys                   lib/libform
regress/usr.bin                         sbin/fdisk
sbin/newfs_ext2fs                       sys
sys/arch/loongson/loongson              sys/arch/loongson/stand
sys/arch/loongson/stand/boot            sys/arch/loongson/stand/mbr
sys/dev/ic                              sys/dev/pci
sys/dev/usb                             sys/dev/x86emu
sys/net                                 sys/net80211
sys/sys                                 usr.bin/tmux
usr.sbin/relayd                         usr.sbin/smtpd

== distrib =========================================================== 01/08 ==



  ~ ramdisk/list                          

  > Put /sbin/kbd on the ramdisk, as Gdium may have non-US keyboards. (miod@)


  ~ loongson/features                     

  > Put /sbin/kbd on the ramdisk, as Gdium may have non-US keyboards. (miod@)

  ~ loongson/contents                     

  > Build and install the boot blocks, and put it as part of the snapshots
  > files. (miod@)

  ~ socppc/contents                       ~ socppc/prep

  > Add some instructions on how to install on a rb600. (kettenis@)


  ~ lists/base/md.loongson                ~ lists/comp/md.loongson

  > sync (miod@)


  ~ ramdisk/list                          

  > Pick up the bits from /usr/mdec that we need to install.
  > Thanks to otto@ for the reminder. (kettenis@)

  ~ ramdisk/install.md                    

  > Install bootloader. (kettenis@)

== etc =============================================================== 02/08 ==



  ~ etc.loongson/Makefile.inc             

  > Build and install the boot blocks, and put it as part of the snapshots
  > files. (miod@)


  ~ etc.loongson/fbtab                    

  > Add serial port (for the Fuloong) (miod@)


  ~ etc.loongson/ttys                     

  > Add serial port (for the Fuloong) (miod@)

== lib =============================================================== 03/08 ==



  ~ form_field_opts.3                     

  > The .TP man(7) macro requires text on the following line, to be used as
  > a label, so having .TP before an .SH section header is a syntax error.
  > Fixing this to unbreak the build with mandoc(1).
  > I will also send this patch upstream.
  > OK nicm@ (schwarze@)

== regress =========================================================== 04/08 ==



  ~ mandoc/mdoc/Makefile                  + mandoc/mdoc/Xr/Makefile
  + mandoc/mdoc/Xr/args.in                

  > regression test for .Xr argument handling;
  > related code fix coming tomorrow
  > kristaps@ agrees this is the behaviour we want (schwarze@)

== sbin ============================================================== 05/08 ==



  ~ fdisk.c                               

  > loongson has mbr as well; ok miod@ (but he made me promise to make
  > a -DHAVE_MBR diff after release) (otto@)


  ~ newfs_ext2fs.c                        

  > handle -t for when being called by newfs (otto@)

  ~ Makefile                              + ext2fs_bswap.c

  > local ext2fs_bswap.c instead of groping in the sys/ufs/ext2fs tree (otto@)

== sys =============================================================== 06/08 ==



  ~ Makefile                              

  > Build and install the boot blocks, and put it as part of the snapshots
  > files. (miod@)


  ~ loongson2_machdep.c                   ~ machdep.c

  > - prevent "anti-memory" from showing up, this makes systems with 2GB of
  > RAM work.
  > help and ok miod@ (jasper@)


  ~ Makefile                              

  > descend into mbr; ok miod@ (otto@)


  ~ Makefile                              + Makefile.inc

  > Split boot/Makefile in case we need to build several boot.${VENDOR}
  > compiled
  > from the same sources with different CFLAGS; the need for this has not
  > arisen
  > yet but I fear it will hit the fan soon enough; no functional change in the
  > meantime. (miod@)

  ~ Makefile.inc                          ~ conf.c
  ~ libsa.h                               ~ machdep.c
  + rd.c                                  

  > If PMON has loaded an initrd binary, and this binary looks like a valid
  > ELF image, assume it's the kernel and try to boot it immediately.
  > This allows a Gdium system with both the bootloader and the kernel image on
  > an ext2fs partition, with `al' pointing to the bootblocks and `rd' pointing
  > to the kernel in PMON environment, to boot a kernel with proper kernel
  > symbols, for the first time.
  > (please don't get me started on how reliable `load -k' is on the Gdium)
  > Bump bootblocks version to 0.2. (miod@)


  + Makefile                              + mbr.uu

  > proto mbr for loongson (otto@)


  ~ re.c                                  

  > Make sure we claim the interrupt as ours if the time out bit is set in the
  > interrupt status register.	Fixes a problem with spurious interrupts on
  > the fuloong.
  > ok miod@ (kettenis@)


  ~ if_iwn.c                              ~ if_iwnreg.h
  ~ if_iwnvar.h                           

  > read calibration version from ROM and set IWN_GP_DRIVER_CALIB_VER6
  > bit on 6x50 if version>=6. (damien@)


  ~ uthum.c                               

  > change constant of convert formulra of SHT1X sensor to fit
  > TEMPerHUM hardware. (It uses 3.38-3.48V as SHT1X's VDD).
  > mentiond by Michael Fuckner (yuo@)


  ~ x86emu.c                              

  > KNF (pirofti@)


  ~ if_pfsync.c                           

  > dont defer broadcast or multicast packets.
  > ok sthen@ henning@ (dlg@)


  ~ ieee80211_node.c                      

  > Do not always create a new node when a beacon or a probe response
  > is received.  The creation of a new node is already handled in
  > ieee80211_recv_probe_resp() when necessary.
  > This avoids creating empty nodes with wrong channels when beacons
  > are received on the wrong channel (overlapping channels).
  > Those empty nodes may also prevent the real node from being
  > discovered because of ieee80211_find_node_for_beacon() filtering.
  > This should prevent entries of the form:
  > nwid "" chan 3 bssid 00:01:02:03:04:05 0dB 54M
  > in "ifconfig if0 scan" output, like reported by Rivo Nurges. (damien@)


  ~ param.h                               

  > Forgot to bump version number in comments; from Seth Wright via jmc@,
  > thanks. (miod@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 07/08 ==



  ~ window-copy.c                         

  > Don't strip add newline if only copying part of wrapped line. Problem
  > spotted
  > by and fix from Micah Cowan. (nicm@)

  ~ tmux.1                                

  > Man page additions/improvements, thanks to Robin Lee Powell. (nicm@)

  ~ window-copy.c                         

  > Make next-word stop at beginning of word even if it is at the start of the
  > line, from Micah Cowan. (nicm@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 08/08 ==



  ~ relayd.c                              

  > Always call the shutdown code after returning from event_dispatch().
  > As the child processes now call event_loopexit() and signal handling
  > is done through libevent if a child process died we wouldn't always
  > cleanup properly and wouldn't do carp demote to failover either.
  > This matches the way ospfd does things which is where the event_loopexit()
  > in child processes change came from originally.
  > ok claudio@ pyr@ (jsg@)


  ~ lka.c                                 

  > localpart of a struct path may legally exceed MAXLOGNAME, causing lka to
  > fatalx() on a lowercase() call in some cases. make sure lka uses a buffer
  > capable of holding a localpart, and do not attempt getpwnam() if we know
  > it's going to fail anyway...
  > issue reported by Ben Lindstrom <mouring at eviladmin.org> (gilles@)

  ~ lka.c                                 ~ map.c
  ~ ruleset.c                             ~ smtpd.h

  > the map api becomes backend-agnostic with initial support for db(3) and
  > stdio(3) backends, though for now we only enable db(3). this is the first
  > commit of a serie to improve maps and everything related.
  > idea discussed with and diff okay jacekm@ (gilles@)

  ~ lka.c                                 

  > erf, previous fix to lka crash was still using the wrong define ...
  > (gilles@)

  ~ map.c                                 

  > in map_stdio_get() use strdup on the right buffer, not on a pointer that
  > will be NULL 99% of the times... fixes segv in path that's not enabled
  > yet (gilles@)


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