[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-07-07

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Thu Jul 8 07:00:01 BST 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-07-07

distrib/miniroot                        distrib/sets
share/man                               sys/arch/sparc64/include
sys/arch/sparc64/sparc64                sys/dev/ic
sys/dev/onewire                         sys/dev/pci
sys/kern                                sys/net
sys/netmpls                             sys/scsi

== distrib =========================================================== 01/04 ==



  ~ install.sub                           

  > zap chmod of /etc/pkg.conf since the installer itself will not put a
  > username
  > or password in there, and any existing /etc/pkg.conf file will already have
  > its
  > file mode preserved
  > "sure" deraadt@ (halex@)


  ~ lists/man/mi                          

  > sync (deraadt@)

== share ============================================================= 02/04 ==



  ~ man9/mbuf.9                           

  > update manpage to reflect recent changes to m_copyback
  > nag and ok sthen@ (blambert@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/04 ==



  ~ atomic.h                              

  > Implement atomic_add_ulong.
  > ok art@ (kettenis@)


  ~ intr.c                                

  > Don't grab the kernel lock for clock interrupts.  Prevents deadlocks when
  > running stuff that depends on mutexes without holding the kernel lock.
  > ok art@ (kettenis@)

  ~ clock.c                               

  > Use atomic operations to increment clock interrupt counter.
  > ok art@ (kettenis@)


  ~ ciss.c                                

  > set each disks openings to the maximum number the controller can handle.
  > iopools make sure resources arent overallocated, while scheduling them
  > evenly between devices.
  > tested by and ok jsg@ (dlg@)


  ~ owctr.c                               

  > tag it (deraadt@)


  ~ mpii.c                                

  > do a 1:1 conversion of mpii_{get,put}_ccb to scsi_io_{get,put}. (dlg@)

  ~ mpii.c                                

  > let the config page request code sleep while waiting for a ccb if it is
  > allowed to. (dlg@)

  ~ mpii.c                                

  > use a mutex to ensure writes to the two registers used to post commands to
  > the chip are atomic wrt to all cpus in a system.
  > mpii_push_reply only writes to one reg, so it is already atomic. neither
  > it or mpii_start need splbio now.
  > mpii(4) is still not completely mpsafe cos all the sleeps done while
  > waiting for completion still rely on splbio. (dlg@)

  ~ mpii.c                                

  > rename ccb_xs to ccb_cookie, and switch it from a struct scsi_xfer * to a
  > void *. this will let me stash things other than scsi xfers in the ccb for
  > ccb_done handlers to use.
  > this is the same change i did in mpi.c r1.128 and mpivar.h r1.28 (dlg@)

  ~ mpii.c                                

  > bring mpi_wait over to mpii for an mpsafe mechanism to sleep while waiting
  > for a command to complete. this also replaces all the while (!ready) \
  > tsleep() wrapped in splbio code with mpii_wait.
  > tested with bioctl runs and sensor updates on a raid volume (dlg@)

  ~ puc.c                                 ~ pucdata.c
  ~ pucvar.h                              

  > revert last commit, it made my puc(4) disappear. ok pirofti@ (sthen@)


  ~ kern_bufq.c                           

  > minor whitespace tweaks and clean up extra ; (dlg@)


  ~ pf_ioctl.c                            

  > MFC the fix for PR6416 (problem using route labels in pf.conf, originally
  > reported by Joe McDonagh). Thanks william@ for testing. ok henning@
  > revision 1.235
  > date: 2010/06/30 18:10:55;	author: henning;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -7
  > fix route label awesomeness, issue also known as PR6416
  > broken by ryan in australia
  > problem found & nagging by sthen
  > jsg found the fix but failed to apply the cluestick correctly ;)
  > test & ok sthen (sthen@)


  ~ mpls_output.c                         

  > Remove duplicate mtod(). No need to do it twice since the mbuf is not
  > modified in between. (claudio@)

  ~ mpls_input.c                          

  > Use correct function name in panic() (claudio@)


  ~ sd.c                                  

  > Pull out disk sort.  I committed the wrong version of the diff and it
  > wasn't ok deraadt & dlg. (marco@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 04/04 ==



  ~ ifstated.c                            

  > Make ifstated cause a little less noise in /var/log/daemon.
  > State transitions are still logged, but commands run are now
  > printed only in debug mode (ifstated -d).
  > ok deraadt (stsp@)


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