[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-11-04

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Fri Nov 5 07:00:02 GMT 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-11-04

distrib/miniroot                        sys/net
usr.bin/aucat                           usr.bin/ctags
usr.bin/ssh                             usr.sbin/ldapd
usr.sbin/ldpd                           usr.sbin/pkg_add
usr.sbin/sysmerge                       usr.sbin/tcpdump

== distrib =========================================================== 01/04 ==



  ~ install.sub                           

  > default to using all the IPs for ntp servers; ok krw henning (deraadt@)

  ~ install.sub                           

  > correct comment (deraadt@)

== sys =============================================================== 02/04 ==



  ~ if_bridge.c                           

  > Filter out reserved destination MAC addresses (01:80:C2:00:00:0x) as
  > per the 802.1D-2004 spec.  With lots of help and guidance (and some
  > nagging) from claudio.  Tested with net/ladvd port on i386 and amd64.
  > 'be a man' claudio@, ok mpf@ (weerd@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 03/04 ==



  - legacy.c                              

  > legacy.c is not used any longer (ratchov@)

  ~ aparams.c                             ~ aparams.h
  ~ aproc.c                               ~ aproc.h
  ~ sock.c                                

  > Replace ``short'' by a new ``adata_t'' typedef corresponding to
  > audio samples and cleanup ADATA_XXX macros. This allows easilly
  > switching to 24 bit fixed point arithmetic by simply redefining
  > the adata_t typedef to int and updating ADATA_XXX macros. No
  > object change. (ratchov@)


  ~ ctags.1                               

  > - fix a comma oopsie
  > - Tn for "YACC" is silly
  > - since ex(1) and vi(1) are the same page, let's not list them both in SEE
  > ALSO (jmc@)


  ~ sftp-server.c                         

  > umask should be parsed as octal. reported by candland AT xmission.com;
  > ok markus@ (djm@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 04/04 ==



  ~ matching.c                            ~ schema.c
  ~ schema.h                              ~ search.c

  > Publish matching rules in the cn=schema subentry as the matchingRules
  > attribute. This is an operational attribute and only returned if explicitly
  > asked for. Required by RFC 4517. (martinh@)

  ~ ldapd.conf.5                          

  > Document the syntax of schema files. Only a brief synopsis of the attribute
  > type and object class syntax is given, the rest is referred to the RFC.
  > (martinh@)

  ~ ldapd.8                               

  > Only LDAP version 3 is implemented. (martinh@)


  ~ lde.h                                 ~ lde_lib.c

  > Only consider pathes with highest priority when replying to label
  > requests. Else a priority inversion may happen that would build
  > label switching pathes that use inactive routes.
  > OK michele@ (claudio@)

  ~ address.c                             ~ hello.c
  ~ init.c                                ~ keepalive.c
  ~ labelmapping.c                        ~ ldp.h
  ~ ldpe.h                                ~ notification.c
  ~ packet.c                              

  > Rewrite all packet parsers to be more careful about alignment. Until
  > now ldpd had no chance to run on a strict alignment architecture but
  > this makes ldpd happy on sparc64. Be careful to do all needed overflow
  > checks and try to make all parsing functions look similar.
  > OK michele@ (claudio@)


  ~ OpenBSD/PkgSpec.pm                    

  > badspec match_locations must return a ref, fixes pkg_add -nz bzr
  > (sorry, I don't remember your name, I misplaced that email) (espie@)


  ~ sysmerge.sh                           

  > Make sure we don't end up using /usr/src/etc if we forget to pass the
  > correct option (e.g. 'sysmerge /tmp/etc48.tgz'). Use OPTIND as all args
  > are handled by getopts we can catch misusage and we exit with an error.
  > from Brian Poole, thanks.
  > ok sthen@ (ajacoutot@)


  ~ nameser.h                             ~ print-domain.c

  > Sync with tcpdump.org to fix multicast DNS support, and get some
  > other updates in the process. Initial report/patch from  Christiano
  > F. Haesbaert. Ok matthew@ (canacar@)


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