[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-11-25

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Fri Nov 26 07:00:01 GMT 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-11-25

usr.bin/mandoc                          usr.bin/ssh

== usr.bin =========================================================== 01/01 ==



  ~ main.c                                ~ roff.c
  ~ roff.h                                

  > Implement the .de (define macro) roff instruction.
  > This fixes various Xenocara manuals.
  > Do not define your own macros in new manuals, though:
  > this code exists purely to cope with existing and old stuff.
  > Like in both traditional and GNU roff, the .de and .ds (define string)
  > roff instructions share the same string table, so one can abuse strings
  > as macros and vice versa.  This implementation supports multi-line
  > user-defined macros and user-defined macros taking up to 9 arguments.
  > Project started near the end of p2k10, now mature for production,
  > but there is still room for future improvements in various respects.
  > (schwarze@)

  ~ roff.c                                

  > Support quoting of arguments passed to user-defined macros,
  > such that arguments can contain blank characters.
  > Also support escaping of quote characters by doubling them.
  > For example, the argument "a""b c." resolves to: a"b c. (schwarze@)

  ~ roff.c                                

  > Make .de1 a symnonym for .de, not .ig as it was before.
  > The .de1 instructions is a GNU extension not found in traditional roff and
  > not even in old groff, defined as "define a macro that will be executed
  > with
  > traditional roff compatibility mode switched off during macro execution".
  > Since we ran into it in the wild, we have been parsing and ignoring it for
  > a long time.  Now that we have proper .de support, we can as well use the
  > contents, even though we don't implement compatibility mode at all.
  > (schwarze@)


  ~ session.c                             

  > replace close() loop for fds 3->64 with closefrom();
  > ok markus deraadt dtucker (djm@)


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