[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-10-07

ODC auto at squish.net
Fri Oct 8 07:00:01 BST 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-10-07

lib/libssl                              share/man
sys/dev/acpi                            sys/dev/pci
sys/dev/pckbc                           sys/netinet6
sys/netmpls                             usr.bin/hexdump
usr.bin/mg                              usr.sbin/ikectl
usr.sbin/ldapd                          usr.sbin/ldpd

== lib =============================================================== 01/05 ==



  ~ crypto/Makefile                       

  > OpenSSL grows another undocumented header, apparently needed on armish
  > (djm@)

== share ============================================================= 02/05 ==



  ~ man5/port-modules.5                   

  > Update the lang/ruby module documentation for changes since 1.22 of
  > ruby.port.mk.
  > ok sthen (jeremy@)

== sys =============================================================== 03/05 ==



  ~ acpi.c                                

  > Create separate functions for enabling wake and runtime gpes.
  > Remove old suspend/resume gpewalk function
  > ok deraadt, mlarkin (jordan@)


  ~ envy.c                                

  > If the card model is not ``HT/PT'', then check that the DMA physical
  > address is 28-bit. (ratchov@)


  ~ pms.c                                 

  > Fix some pms(4) vs wsmoused issues. From Alexandr Shadchin via
  > tech at . Tested on the usual problematic machines by myself, nicm@
  > and ian at . (krw@)


  ~ in6.c                                 

  > Also call addrhooks for IPv6 addresses with a 128 bit prefixlen.
  > I overlooked that one case in rev. 1.69.  Fix from Pedro Martelletto.
  > OK mcbride, claudio, henning. (mpf@)


  ~ mpls_input.c                          

  > Handle IMPLNULL labels (#3) directly in the kernel like we do with the
  > explicit NULL labels. IMPLNULL labels should never ever be seen on the
  > wire but we're realists. michele@ agrees (claudio@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 04/05 ==



  ~ odsyntax.c                            

  > usage must fit on a 80-column display. (sobrado@)

  ~ od.1                                  

  > use a .Bk/.Ek block to avoid breaking options with arguments.
  > ok jmc@ (sobrado@)


  ~ mg.1                                  

  > use an upper case "C" in "Control" for consistency; use the same
  > capitalization for keys in Control and Meta for both key bindings
  > and descriptions.
  > ok kjell@ (sobrado@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 05/05 ==



  ~ ikeca.c                               ~ ikeca.cnf

  > When we create a new CA, also create an empty (but valid) CRL list.
  > While here, set our used defaults in the config file.
  > OK reyk@, jsg@ (phessler@)

  ~ ikeca.c                               

  > set saner permissions on the directory we export, so we don't change
  > perms of /etc/iked when extracting
  > OK jsg@ (phessler@)

  ~ ikeca.c                               ~ ikectl.8
  ~ ikectl.c                              ~ parser.c
  ~ parser.h                              

  > - add a -q (quiet) command line option that will be used by ikeca to
  > set openssl batch mode: don't ask for x509 options, use the defaults.
  > - allow to specify the initial ca password on the command line to also
  > make it scriptable.
  > - allow to create certificates for clientAuth or serverAuth only
  > (eg. ikectl ca foo certificate bar server).
  > - cosmetics: move double declarations of ca_*() functions to parser.h.
  > ok phessler@ (reyk@)

  ~ ikectl.8                              

  > nroff doesn't like long argument lists that work fine with mandoc.
  > split them into Xo/Xc blocks to make nroff happy again. (reyk@)

  ~ ikectl.c                              

  > sync usage(); (jmc@)

  ~ ikeca.c                               ~ ikectl.8
  ~ ikectl.c                              ~ parser.c
  ~ parser.h                              

  > Allow to specify the export password on the command line (optionally, for
  > scripting).  The "peer" argument now needs to be preceded with the "peer"
  > keyword, eg. ... export peer instead of export (reyk@)

  ~ ikeca.c                               

  > only try to setup a passfile when creating a CA (jsg@)


  ~ ldapd.conf.5                          

  > aginst -> against; from Luca Corti (jmc@)


  ~ ldpd.h                                

  > Garbage collect some unused structs. (claudio@)

  ~ kroute.c                              

  > Don't try to add MPLS routes with a incomming MPLS_LABEL_IMPLNULL label.
  > The kernel has now a static entry for them and they should not hit the
  > wire anyway. (claudio@)


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