[odc] Daily src changes for 2010-10-19

ODC auto at squish.net
Wed Oct 20 07:00:01 BST 2010

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2010-10-19

distrib/i386                            etc/etc.i386/disktab
etc/man.conf                            sbin/isakmpd
sys/arch/i386/conf                      sys/dev/ic
sys/dev/pckbc                           sys/sys
usr.bin/ctags                           usr.bin/indent
usr.bin/tcpbench                        usr.sbin/ldapd

== distrib =========================================================== 01/06 ==



  ~ common/Makefile.inc                   

  > grow i386 inside media a teeny bit (deraadt@)

== etc =============================================================== 02/06 ==



  ~ etc.i386/disktab                      

  > grow i386 inside media a teeny bit (deraadt@)


  ~ man.conf                              

  > There is no more groff in the base system, so use mandoc(1) to format
  > manuals on demand by man(1), even though a few manuals may still have
  > formatting issues with mandoc, and a tiny fraction may still make
  > mandoc error out.
  > Also remove the .me and .ms _build rules: we don't support these
  > formats any longer, and don't have any such manuals in base.
  > OK deraadt@ sthen@ (schwarze@)

== sbin ============================================================== 03/06 ==



  ~ crypto.c                              ~ crypto.h

  > convert to fuse cast from the libcrypto.  with a simplification nit from
  > blambert, ok jsg, "seems ok" todd (mikeb@)

== sys =============================================================== 04/06 ==



  ~ RAMDISK                               ~ RAMDISKB
  ~ RAMDISKC                              ~ RAMDISK_CD

  > grow i386 inside media a teeny bit (deraadt@)


  ~ ar9380reg.h                           

  > update initialization values for the Osprey 2.2.
  > see http://marc.info/?l=linux-wireless&m=128746728412954&w=2 for a list
  > of changes. (damien@)


  ~ pms.c                                 

  > Unify some error messages to simplify reset code. No functional
  > change.
  > ok nicm@
  > From shadchin. (krw@)


  ~ syslog.h                              

  > Remove the LOG_MAKEPRI macro.  It has been broken (the << 3 is wrong) since
  > the dawn of time.  A few systems fixed^Hchanged it, thus breaking other
  > code.
  > Since the usage of it is now a mess, the right path from here on out is to
  > *remove* the macro forever and cope with the (very minor) fallout.
  > ok guenther tedu millert sthen (deraadt@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 05/06 ==



  ~ ctags.1                               

  > no more vgrind(1); ok deraadt (jmc@)


  ~ indent.1                              

  > no more vgrind(1); ok deraadt (jmc@)


  ~ tcpbench.c                            

  > Add a few more tcpcb and sockbuffer variables that tcpbench can inspect.
  > (claudio@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 06/06 ==



  ~ auth.c                                ~ conn.c
  ~ ldapd.h                               

  > Remember the bind DN after BSD authentication. This makes access control
  > work for SASL and BSDAUTH binds as it does for simple binds. (martinh@)

  ~ ber.c                                 

  > When checking if the input buffer is large enough to hold an LDAP request,
  > compare with available space, not the total space. This fixes rejection of
  > messages when there are multiple requests queued in the input buffer.
  > (martinh@)

  ~ attributes.c                          

  > Fix a segmentation fault when adding an attribute to an empty entry.
  > (martinh@)


  ~ OpenBSD/PackingElement.pm             

  > before running groff, create dir when needed.
  > fixes tcl and the few ports with non-standard man locations that can't
  > rely on mtree fake.
  > as noticed by brad@ (espie@)

  ~ OpenBSD/PackingElement.pm             

  > fix a split() which was causing problems with the mbox.5 manpage
  > in Mutt, as noticed by Andreas Kahari. ok espie@ "we'll fix the fix
  > if it breaks". (sthen@)


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