[odc] Daily src changes for 2011-03-16

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Thu Mar 17 07:00:01 GMT 2011

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2011-03-16

games/hack                              lib/libc
share/man                               sys/arch/loongson/loongson
sys/dev/usb                             usr.bin/mandoc
usr.bin/tcpbench                        usr.sbin/npppd
usr.sbin/snmpctl                        usr.sbin/snmpd

== games ============================================================= 01/06 ==



  ~ config.h                              ~ hack.pager.c
  ~ pathnames.h                           

  > Use the help pager code, but repair it in various ways.
  > (I had to fix the $PAGER support beyond the patch supplied by Simon)
  > from Simon.Nicolussi at student.uibk.ac.at (deraadt@)

== lib =============================================================== 02/06 ==



  ~ locale/nl_langinfo.3                  

  > nl_types.h doesn't need to be #included to use nl_langinfo().  Pointed
  > out by Andres Perera (andres.p at zoho.com) (guenther@)

== share ============================================================= 03/06 ==



  ~ man4/otus.4                           

  > anthonyjbentley at gmail.com has a SMC Networks SMCWUSB-N2 (deraadt@)

  ~ man4/udl.4                            

  > Replace ISO 8859-1 character (o with diaeresis) with proper mandoc symbol.
  > From: Anthony J. Bentley (naddy@)

  ~ man4/udl.4                            

  > Using mandoc_char(7) escapes like "K\(:onig" for German umlauts
  > is incorrect.  The escape sequence "\(:o" represents "o diaeresis",
  > not "o umlaut".  These are two very different phonological phenomena
  > that only happen to be represented by the same diacritic mark.
  > In -Tascii mode, all renderers correctly render "\(:o" (o diaeresis)
  > as plain "o", but that rendering is incorrect for "o umlaut", which
  > must be transliterated to the digraph "oe" in -Tascii.
  > There is no mandoc_char(7) escape for "o umlaut", so we must give
  > the digraph as plain text in the mdoc(7) source code.
  > For manuals, ASCII rendering is clearly much more important than
  > PostScript or HTML rendering.  Besides, we should not sacrifice
  > correct rendering in any mode in order to get slightly nicer rendering
  > in some other mode.
  > "von mir aus" (roughly = "I don't mind") naddy@ (schwarze@)

== sys =============================================================== 04/06 ==



  ~ machdep.c                             

  > Recognize LM6002 as prefix for earlier Fuloong designs, and also recognize
  > prefixless `1.2.*' version information as LM6002, with a warning message as
  > their may be surprises if there are non-Fuloong prototypes in the wild ever
  > with 1.2 PMON code.
  > Per discussion with Roland Kammerer who is the happy owner of an LM6002.
  > (miod@)


  ~ if_udav.c                             

  > If we get a packet larger than if_hardmtu skip it.
  > Tweaked version of a diff from Loganaden Velvindron
  > who sees a large garbage frame on his device. (jsg@)

  ~ if_udav.c                             

  > revert previous as it breaks nfs client as reported by kili@
  > req'd by jsg@ (jasper@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 05/06 ==



  ~ chars.in                              

  > o diaeresis is 246 (U+00F6) (naddy@)


  ~ tcpbench.1                            ~ tcpbench.c

  > various cleanup; (jmc@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 06/06 ==



  ~ l2tp/l2tpd.c                          

  > spelling.
  > ok yasuoka@ (okan@)

  ~ pppoe/pppoe_session.c                 ~ pptp/pptp_ctrl.c

  > use timerclear macro. while here, fix spelling.
  > ok yasuoka@ (okan@)


  ~ snmpctl.c                             

  > fix trap sending in snmpd by adjusting snmpctl to the imsg libutil
  > change and fixing the ber element handling in snmpd itself.
  > tested by jsg@ (reyk@)


  ~ trap.c                                

  > fix trap sending in snmpd by adjusting snmpctl to the imsg libutil
  > change and fixing the ber element handling in snmpd itself.
  > tested by jsg@ (reyk@)


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