[odc] Daily src changes for 2012-04-15

ODC auto at squish.net
Mon Apr 16 07:00:01 BST 2012

OpenBSD src changes summary for 2012-04-15

distrib/sets                            gnu
lib/libc                                sbin/ifconfig
sys/arch/mips64/include                 sys/arch/sgi/conf
sys/arch/sgi/gio                        sys/arch/sgi/hpc
sys/arch/sgi/localbus                   sys/arch/sgi/sgi
usr.bin/mandoc                          usr.bin/top
usr.bin/yacc                            usr.sbin/relayd
usr.sbin/sasyncd                        usr.sbin/smtpd

== distrib =========================================================== 01/07 ==



  ~ lists/base/md.alpha                   ~ lists/base/md.amd64
  ~ lists/base/md.armish                  ~ lists/base/md.aviion
  ~ lists/base/md.hp300                   ~ lists/base/md.hppa
  ~ lists/base/md.hppa64                  ~ lists/base/md.i386
  ~ lists/base/md.landisk                 ~ lists/base/md.loongson
  ~ lists/base/md.luna88k                 ~ lists/base/md.mac68k
  ~ lists/base/md.macppc                  ~ lists/base/md.mvme68k
  ~ lists/base/md.mvme88k                 ~ lists/base/md.palm
  ~ lists/base/md.sgi                     ~ lists/base/md.socppc
  ~ lists/base/md.sparc                   ~ lists/base/md.sparc64
  ~ lists/base/md.vax                     ~ lists/base/md.zaurus
  ~ lists/man/mi                          

  > sync (miod@)

== gnu =============================================================== 02/07 ==



  ~ gcc/gcc/config/sh/sh.md               

  > Use the proper symbol name for __guard in the workaround for the
  > unable to find a register to spill in class 'R0_REGS'
  > ICE when compiling PIC code. Similar to the MI targhooks.c change. (miod@)

== lib =============================================================== 03/07 ==



  ~ asr/async_resolver.3                  

  > tweak previous; (jmc@)

  ~ asr/asr_debug.c                       

  > calling getnameinfo here is a bad idea. use inet_ntop. (eric@)

  ~ asr/asr.c                             

  > Create a new resolver for each thread.  It will be done differently
  > eventually, but it's enough for now to make the blocking API fully
  > thread-safe without locking. (eric@)

== sbin ============================================================== 04/07 ==



  ~ ifconfig.c                            

  > fix a leak
  > ok krw@ (jsg@)

== sys =============================================================== 05/07 ==



  ~ arcbios.h                             

  > Tell Indy and Challenge S apart. (miod@)


  ~ GENERIC-IP22                          ~ RAMDISK-IP22

  > Add option EISAVERBOSE to IP22 kernels (miod@)


  ~ gio.c                                 

  > Define symbolic constants for the interrupt controller pin assignments on
  > IP20, IP22 and IP24, and provide the necessary macros to compute interrupt
  > vectors numbers (from the int.c point of view) from given sources. (miod@)


  ~ hpc.c                                 

  > Tell Indy and Challenge S apart. (miod@)

  ~ hpc.c                                 ~ hpcvar.h
  ~ if_sq.c                               ~ wdsc.c
  ~ zs.c                                  

  > Provide an hpc_intr_establish() function for hpc subdevices, so they don't
  > need to have knowledge of the underlying interrupt controller. No
  > functional
  > change. (miod@)

  ~ hpc.c                                 ~ hpcvar.h

  > Overhaul hpc child device attachments:
  > - break each hpc1/hpc3 child lists into two lists, one for the onboard
  > devices, and one for the expansion devices.
  > - do not try to attach Indy-only devices (pckbc, haltwo) on Challenge S.
  > - do not duplicate entries for expansion devices, only with different
  > interrupt
  > numbers depending on the system, but instead use a single entry with -1 as
  > the interrupt level, and have the attachment glue figure out which
  > interrupt vector applies, depending upon the system.
  > - on expansion hpc1 (or 1.5) boards, do a minimal bus check to decide
  > whether
  > or not the hardware we are attaching is there, since we currently don't
  > know how to tell E++ (sq only) and GIO32 SCSI (wdsc only) boards apart.
  > This hopefully will get rid of misleading `device not configured' messages.
  > (miod@)


  ~ imc.c                                 

  > Tell Indy and Challenge S apart. (miod@)

  ~ imc.c                                 ~ imcvar.h

  > Declare most imc bus_space(9) methods in a visible header; this will be
  > used
  > to make the hpc3 bus_space_tag (similar to the imc one except for the
  > bus_space_barrier method) a global, compile-time known, object; which will
  > in
  > turn help getting glass console to work (pckbc will depend on this).
  > (miod@)

  ~ int.c                                 ~ intreg.h

  > Define symbolic constants for the interrupt controller pin assignments on
  > IP20, IP22 and IP24, and provide the necessary macros to compute interrupt
  > vectors numbers (from the int.c point of view) from given sources. (miod@)


  ~ ip22.h                                ~ ip22_machdep.c

  > Tell Indy and Challenge S apart. (miod@)

  ~ ip22_machdep.c                        

  > If the dma-usable area changes after autoconf, recompute the buffer count
  > and
  > invoke bufadjust() accordingly. Similar to what sysctl kern.bufcachepercent
  > does. (miod@)

  ~ eisa_machdep.c                        

  > Define symbolic constants for the interrupt controller pin assignments on
  > IP20, IP22 and IP24, and provide the necessary macros to compute interrupt
  > vectors numbers (from the int.c point of view) from given sources. (miod@)

== usr.bin =========================================================== 06/07 ==



  ~ mdoc_argv.c                           ~ mdoc_validate.c

  > Two bugfixes regarding the -width and -offset macro arguments:
  > 1) They consume the next argument even if it starts with a dash.
  > 2) When -width is the last argument on the line such that the
  > actual width argument is missing, downgrade from a fatal to a
  > non-fatal error, just like for -offset.  The formatting still
  > doesn't agree with groff, but at least we don't die any longer.
  > Item 2 was observed and that part of the patch coded by kristaps@,
  > who found lots of instances of this particular formatting error
  > in Mac OSX manuals. (schwarze@)

  ~ mandocdb.c                            

  > Handle multi-line NAME sections in man(7); from kristaps at . (schwarze@)

  ~ apropos.c                             ~ apropos_db.c
  ~ apropos_db.h                          

  > Simplify by not pre-filtering the result vector for satisfied matches:
  > we can do this in the frontend; from kristaps at . (schwarze@)

  ~ mandocdb.c                            

  > Clean up code a bit by pushing warnings into a WARNING macro; from
  > kristaps at .
  > This also backs out the realpath(3) changes for now; according to
  > Kristaps, they caused regressions. (schwarze@)

  ~ Makefile                              

  > Call this mandoc 1.12.1.
  > I refrained from merging one patch that i dislike
  > and one that requires additional review,
  > but we are now definitely much closer to 1.12.1 than to 1.12.0. (schwarze@)


  ~ display.c                             

  > Move the check for a <0 number of process display_lines to a better place.
  > This makes:
  > This terminal can only display -N processes.
  > a thing of the past. (lum@)


  ~ reader.c                              

  > * Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers
  > * Replace loop with memcpy() in function get_literal()
  > * Style tweak: "for(" -> "for ("
  > From Michael W. Bombardieri
  > ok nicm@ millert@ (chl@)

== usr.sbin ========================================================== 07/07 ==



  ~ parse.y                               ~ relayd.c

  > fix some leaks
  > ok krw@ (jsg@)


  ~ net.c                                 

  > fix a leak
  > ok krw@ (jsg@)


  ~ runner.c                              ~ scheduler_ramqueue.c
  ~ smtpctl.c                             

  > Remove dead assignments and newly created unused variables.
  > Found by LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer.
  > ok gilles@ (chl@)

  ~ aliases.c                             

  > when using aliases, the *real* delivery user is not set on expand nodes
  > which prevents filters / filenames from working from /etc/mail/aliases.
  > in aliases_get() during the rb tree iteration, copy the username to the
  > expand node.
  > diff from Christopher Zimmermann, thankkkks and sorry for the delay
  > (gilles@)


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